Updates on Ash #7 (Life struggles, Finding Bae?, Plans, Inspirations)


Lifestyle : Updates on Ash #7

Hey guys, how’s it been? Long time no catch up, ey? I feel like I have neglected this lil space of mine and haven’t shown it as much love as I normally do. But you know, life happens.

Okay, lets talk updates on my life today. You all know that I secretly love sharing these types of posts even though I don’t have a lot going on in my life right now. It’s the 7th month in 2018 and I have written out my half-year reflection in my journal.  One of the things I realised I wasn’t doing was that I wasn’t as am not as consistent as I usually am in blogging, so I thought : what better way to make a comeback than in an updates post? (Btw, can we talk about having the 7th update post in the 7th month? Big things are about to happen #thenumber7isaluckynumber)

Sooo, grab your popcorn, sit back and read on!

Currently, I am :

Wearing :

Less and going out more 😂 – #drakefail

With summer in full force, a girl has no option but to wear just shorts/mini skirts and clothes that’ll let me breathe.

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Admiring :

Photo from Zumi.ng

Ronke Raji and her artistic skills. I don’t know how I didn’t get on this wave since, but after watching her bridal shower vlog, I got hooked. I prefer watching her vlogs to her makeup tutorials though, mostly because it’s so much fun and entertaining to see how she spends her time and to see the people around her. Her makeup is always on point and it’s is inspiring me to start wearing more makeup too.






Wishing :

My new phone would arrive soon! I ordered a new iPhone 8 Plus for almost two weeks and it’s “still on the way”. I’m starting to wonder if it’s coming from China or something, or it’s fake? Help!

Determined to :

Sleep earlier and stop ignoring my bedtime alarm. Sleeping early means waking up early, that means a more productive day. Am I right or am I right?

Craving :

Right now, all I’m craving is food (as always, lmao) but yeah. I’m craving some corn right now. As I write this it’s currently, 00:30 so there’s no possibility to go get that right now.

Feeling :

Pretty good, I was very overwhelmed with a lot for the past 4 months and it was so difficult to keep up with the different aspects of my life but now I’m getting back into it slowly. Thank goodness.

Excited to :

Move into a new apartment into in two weeks. Eeeeek! x


Appreciating :

The people in my life who have been there for me through these tough months. Also, I realize that I may be at a stage in my life, right now, where everything requires a shape up or something so, I appreciate all the experiences and lessons learned.

Inspired by :

Creatives who believe in their art and are not afraid to show off their work and promote themselves.

Irritated by :

Grown adults who find it hard to tell you what they want out of you. Yes, I’m talking to the potential baes out there. Speak up or forever hold your peace. Stop the confusion, get right or get in line.

Unsure about :

My blog layout, as usual. Lol. I have been changing the layout and theme of my blog a lot this year, even after I promised to stick to it. But I think I’m getting to a point where I’m kind of satisfied at the moment. Fingers crossed that I don’t change it again.

Planning :

To clear out my closet finally and get rid of stuff I’m not using. #hashtaglivemorewithless

Regretting :

No regrets, just lessons. Life is too short & precious to spend time on regrets y’all.

Reading :

“The smart money woman” by Arese Ugwu. I read this book last year and decided to pick it up again. I and finances aren’t so great together and I need to learn how to be more smart about it!

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Watching :

A lot of movies & series on Netflix. And I think this is the root cause of my procrastination too. I am currently watching Lucifer and while I can’t say it’s the most interesting show I’ve watched, I’m just curious to see how it ends.

The most interesting series I watched last week though is Money heist (aka La casa de papel). Now that, was one interesting series! Straight to the point, and keeps your adrenaline pumping the right way.

Comment below if you’ve watched this!

Listening to :

Nothing in particular at the moment. I just pick up playlists on Spotify and let it run.

So guys, this is basically what’s going on in my uninteresting life right now.

How about you? I really want to know what you’re currently up to right now.

What are you currently up to? Comment below!


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  1. 🙂 Your outfit is a nice and simple one for the Summer period.

    Don’t worry, your iPhone 8 Plus will arrive in time. Apple usually handles things by orders — on a fist come first serve basis.

    By the way, I have noticed that you have an iPad in your photo. I was wondering, do you do all of publish all of your blog posts via your iPad? Or do you publish a portion of your blog posts with your iPad? I would really like to find that out.

    And, do have yourself a wonderful week!


    1. Thank you! Its always nice to stay simple during the summer.

      I hope my iPhone arrives soon. I was getting so anxious, haha!

      I do all of my writing on my iPhone, but I publish it through a PC because the app limits the way I structure the layout of my posts. However, my iPad is great for catching up on comments and for when I have absolutely no PC around to use. Then I upload with an iPad.

      I hope I helped with my answer! Have a wonderful week too! x

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Ash,
    Nice article. Don’t worry about iPhone, they always send you the original product.
    I added the Money Heist in my watching list.
    Currently, I am watching Sacred Games, a very interesting season.
    Have a nice day!


    1. Haha Netflix and it’s problems. Smh. And yes, I have heard and seen a lot of blacklist. I guess it’s time to finally watch it. Thank you for your recommendation! x


  3. I just finished reading Pachinko and just started reading Calypso by David Sedaris. His books are always laugh out loud funny. I am finishing up Bablyon Berlin which is a really interesting series set in Berlin between WWI and WWII. Seeing how most people only bathed once a week back then, we’re lucky for all our modern amenities! love the fashion and the hairstyles too. very Art Deco.


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