What I Wore : Summer Loving In White And Green! #iRepNaija

I’m having a bit of fun with my wardrobe this summer. These days I’m so keen to socialize and wear “off duty” clothing which is very casual and sporty (as we may have established from reading all my #ootd posts by now).

So when I had a small event to attend, I donned this piece together and voila!

This color combo was especially fun for me because as a Nigerian, I felt like I was representing my country in its flag colors and that made me slightly happy. #iRepNaija

Nothing screams summer more than white, and I’m a huge fan of off shoulder tops these days, this means a major win in my outfit department. And clearly, I have joined the raffia bag train. It’s a summer outfit staple!

the ash tree journalWhat I loved about this outfit is that I didn’t have to leave my comfort zone to look ‘nice’. It’s such a great look for beating the summer heat without looking like a total slob.

So the next time I think of throwing on some tank top with athletic shorts because it’s over 30° outside, I’ll just remember to pair my clothing like this and know that I won’t melt away.

Outfit details :

Top : Bershka

Skirt : Zara

Bag : Zara

Accessories: ASOS

What is your favorite summer style?


What are your thoughts? Let me know below!

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