Beauty : 3 Products That Made The Summer Heat Bearable summer beauty essentials and needs

Within the last month, I have been on the go which means that my skin has been exposed to this almost never ending heat of summer. It is a period which we are so uncomfortable because of sweat and if you wear makeup, the fear of it melting off in horrific styles is enough to lay off it for a while.

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However, I have found ways to make the summer heat a bit less frustrating than it is, and since we’re still working our way through some end of summer heat, I thought I’d share some of my favourite summer heat busting products with you!

Rose Waterthe ash tree journal rose water beauty essential for summer

Rose water is literally the holy grail of summer beauty essentials. It’s benefits are numerous, but my favourite is using it in a tiny spray bottle to keep my skin refreshed through the day and my makeup on point. rose water for summer beauty

A few, quick spritzes of rose water will cool and tighten and may leave your skin prepped enough to make it through the day without having your face melt in the heat.

essence Matte Fix-it Spray

the ash tree journal essence mate fix it spray

Just as rose water keeps my bare face refreshed, the fix it spray from essence does a great job at keeping my makeup matte through the day, or at least half of it.



Summer or no summer, sunscreen is a valuable and essential component in my beauty routine. How it has helped with this heat is basically by protecting me against the harsh UV rays, keeps my skin health and prevents sunburns.





Lip gloss is my all time fave and a clear one is just perfect for getting that glow, sis. I’m so glad lip glosses are making a comeback because they’re the absolute best and they are easy and stress free to apply.

What are your summer beauty essentials?


  1. I’ve never used rose water, but it sounds awesome! I’m going to have to get me some 🙂 It’s super hot where I live, so any relief would be great!


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