Enjoy Budapest : A New Cozy Cafe In Town

the ash tree journal enjoy budapest cafe

Have you ever walked into a place and had a classic moment and thought to yourself, “yupp, I’m gonna come here everyday” ? Enjoy Budapest gave me those vibes as soon as I stepped in!

Cozy, Calm, Modern and Fresh. These were the expressions that came to mind when I entered this place.

the ash tree journal enjoy budapest cafe

the ash tree journal enjoy budapest cafe

the ash tree journal enjoy budapest cafe

the ash tree journal enjoy budapest cafe

I was immediately taken with the homely interior. It’s more restaurant style than cafe, but this is why it’s perfect. Most cafes give off the overly structured seats and tables I usually feel like I’ve overstayed my welcome but right here, it was the opposite.

In fact, I spent more than 5 hours just browsing the internet, enjoying the playlists, taking pictures all around and sipped on my 3rd cup of coffee.

Of course, the food was something I had to try too. While they are still building up their menu (so excited for what’s in store) , I love that they have a variety of sweet and savoury snack available.

The first thing I tried was the carrot cake and get this, it’s both lactose and gluten-free! As a lactose intolerant girl, this made me so ecstatic! Of course, I wasn’t disappointed with the carrot cake and I even ordered one more slice.

the ash tree journal enjoy budapest cafe

I also tried the tuna sandwich and it was really great, there was a good amount of tuna and egg, and the dressing wasn’t overwhelming. The bagel was pretty soft and I had no troubles with it.

the ash tree journal enjoy budapest cafe

I also had the brownie slice, chestnut cake and chocolate cake, a mango smoothie, and a classic lemonade. (At this point I realise now that I may have eaten a whole days’ calorie amount in one sitting but YOLO, right?)

Like I said in this post, I’m always particular about customer service and how restaurants or cafes treat their guests. I was immediately given the best reception ever. The manager wasn’t in on the day I went to have brunch but the staff was friendly nonetheless, I love how they took their time to make sure I had the right order, offered some suggestions and gave my friends and I an overall great experience.

Pricing : Another plus with this cafe is how affordable everything is. The cakes were delicious and the coffee was amazing and together, they would cost you less than €7. Also, they have major discounts on some stuff and you can drink free lemon infused water too!

It is located in the centre of the city ( 1083 Budapest, Prater Utca 6) and in an apartment building which makes it so easy for guests to have some coffee, drinks or food while waiting for a reservation or for a tenant which lives on the block.

the ash tree journal enjoy budapest cafe

Enjoy Budapest Cafe has a unique attraction which is that robots serve you your meal. I had the chance to talk to this nice robot and he even danced for me. I was so happy about this new exciting technology.

Final verdict : Of course, this cafe is very brand new so there is still a lot to be done and also there aren’t a lot on the menu yet but I have such high hopes for more food, drinks and a more incredible ambience.

Ps : They have wine, beer, and and more internationally imported liquor for my non coffee lovers.

the ash tree journal enjoy budapest cafe

Overall rating :

Food – 8/10

Price – 8/10

Staff – 10/10

Decor – 9/10

Location – 8/10

Enjoy Budapest is a truly lovable spot. The friendly atmosphere makes it a perfect choice for a family get together, meetings, chilling with friends and you don’t have to worry about bringing your dog either.



  1. Ah girl! Finding a lactose and gluten free that is delicious is a GEM! Want to try that carrot cake now! I’m loving all the food you got to eat!


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