What I Wore: Saying Goodbye To Summer In Striped Monochrome

As they say, all good things come to an end. This unfortunately includes summer.

While I wasn’t particularly a big fan of the heat this last summer, I am sad to be saying good bye to it. Its the 2nd day of October now and while this may be a rather late post, its never too late to share the lovely memories from my summer holiday.

3 months seemed like an awful long time when i thought about it, mostly because I had prepared to work all through but as i dint get the job and was too broke to travel to many places, I decided  to make the best of it…

This summer was one of my favourite holidays because I learned and unlearned a lot.

  • One of the best things I learned was how to travel easier & on a budget,( Of which I wrote about, here) and I learned how to make the best use of my time abroad. Also, travelling with different people taught me a lot about the different ways people love to experience things. Some people travel to rest, some travel for the food and other, the lifestyle or architecture. Different people come from different backgrounds and you will learn to open your mind and learn from people’s personal experiences. It was life changing.

  • #everythingnaart -this hashtag is trending right now on Instagram and I cannot thank Amin enough for bringing it to life. This hashtag best describes my experiences while learning and improving on my photography. I practised more on my photography this summer and I am so proud of how much I improved. I even got as far as working with professional models and brands. It was and still is an amazing experience.

  • Networking and meeting new people was also a favorite part of summer too. With a lot of outdoor activities and opportunities, I made sure to attend a lot of things and events with like minded people and got to know more people and of course make new friends.

the ash tree journal monochrome look


Sun hat : Reserved

Off shoulder blouse : Sinsay

Ripped jeans : Mango

Shoes : Mango

Bag : H&M {featured in this post too}

How was your summer ? Did you do anything special?



  1. I loveeee this outfit! Black and white striped tops are my weakness I have so many! I took a trip to Miami this summer, but mostly I spent it hanging around and going to summer classes.

    Kayla | kaylablogs.com


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