revlon color burst lip stain the ash tree journal

Happy Monday folks!

One of the best things about makeup is how you can completely tweak it from being full glam to soft and natural and after being so lazy because of the no makeup challenge  I did a while back, wearing makeup has been a gradual process.

Some days we want to look great and refreshed with the help of makeup but also, look like we haven’t applied anything on our faces.

revlon color burst lip stain the ash tree journal
revlon color burst lip stain the ash tree journal

That’s where a “no makeup” or natural make up look comes into play.

It is perfect for everyday school, work, and even stepping out for some drinks.

Products used :

revlon color burst lip stain the ash tree journal

Eyes ~ 

*Davis eyeliner and eyebrow pencil in shade 018

*Essence “the false lashes” mascara in black 

pupa milano foundation the ash tree journal

Face ~

*Pupa Milano “Active Light” foundation in shade 070

*MAC Studio Fix compact powder in shade NC50

Lips ~

*Revlon Colorburst Lip Balm in shade 140

revlon color burst lip stain the ash tree journal

4 tips for always ensuring your makeup looks and stays natural 

  1. Use a light coverage foundation
  2. Dial back on the concealer, I usually opt out unless I have special blemishes I need to fix. Other than that, for a natural look, a concealer isn’t really necessary. 
  3. Keep lashes low key with one application of mascara. 
  4. Opt for definition, not drama. Use powders which are light coverage for defining highlights and contour instead of full coverage applications.

What are your favourite hacks for keeping your makeup natural??
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21 replies on “Beauty : Hacks To Keep Your Makeup Always Looking Natural!

  1. One of my best hacks is to spray on setting spray before I put on my makeup — that helps keep smaller amounts of makeup in place and make the ‘no-makeup’ look longer-lasting!


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