Foodlovin : Trying Out The New ‘Infused With Love’ Menu At Hard Rock Cafe, Budapest.

hard rock cafe x ashtree

Naturally, I love Hard Rock Cafe! So I when I was approached to come and try out their new menu, I was ecstatic. Hard Rock Cafe recently rolled out a new menu for fall. It’s called “infused with love” and it promises to  give you a great autumn feeling.

On the day of trial, we arrived at Hard Rock Cafe Budapest and were sat in a nice, cosy area and provided our comped menu.

…which pleasantly consisted of more than was expected :

  • Whisky Bacon Jam Sliders – Three burger patties topped with melted cheddar cheese and homemade whiskey bacon jam, served with on a toasted bun with seasoned french fries.
  • Southern BBQ Sliders – Three pulled pork sliders with house made Bourbon BBQ sauce on a toasted bun over crisp apples, topped with coleslaw and served with seasoned french fries.

Now What Do All Of These Have In Common?

you guessed it right, ALCOHOL. WHO doesn’t love alcohol infused food?!

the ash tree journal hard rock cafe infused with love menu
the ash tree journal hard rock cafe infused with love menu
The  whiskey bacon jam sliders with fries and the southern BBQ sliders in the background. 

I opted for the whisky bacon jam sliders menu with a mystery mojito (which is gin based and gin is my absolute favourite liquor).

My partner opted for the southern BBQ sliders and a mango tequila sunrise

Of course I tried both mine and his sliders and I’ve gotta say, I never really thought I’d eat my alcohol and have it. They were delicious.

The whiskey bacon jam was a little bit too strong for me. However I loved that there were apples in the southern bbq sliders. Apples and bourbon. Who would have thought that’ll mix so well?

My drinks were perfect too. Each featured fall cocktail is handcrafted and made with flavourful ingredients and served in collectable glassware.

The staff were incredible and I generally had a great time. Even Michael can testify to it in the video below 🙂

Stop by Hard Rock Cafe Budapest to try out the new fall menu and cocktail line-up or visit for more information.

the fall infused with love menu, southern BBQ sliders, the best one so far!

Have you visited Hard Rock Cafe? How about the new fall menu? What do you think about alcohol in your food?

*this post is sponsored by Hard Rock Cafe. However, all views and opinions are mine. Thank you for always reading my posts !


What are your thoughts? Let me know below!

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