5 ways to register wedding gifts, easily!

With so many weddings around the corner, and even with one of my best friends getting married soon, it is a sweet joy to produce this blog post on the ways you can create a wedding register!

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So, you just got engaged, and the date is set, your friends will definitely want to celebrate with you. From engagement parties to bridal showers and traditional marriages, church weddings and reception afterwards, there is a whole lot to celebrate.

This is why you need a wedding registry…….

Firstly, what is a gift registry? A gift registry is essentially a list of preferred gift items for a particular occasion or event that is curated by the intended recipients of the gifts and passed on to their guests. Gift registries are popular because they take the guesswork out of buying presents and they can also prevent double ups.

As your loved ones look to shop for gifts, they’ll immediately turn to your  list which can be found on your wedding registry website –so it’s best to get yours together ASAP.

Don’t let the idea of a registry overwhelm you; you can register at multiple places and for items in a wide range of price points. And, the process of compiling all the items you’ll list is one of the few wedding planning tasks that grooms usually prefer to participate in, so you shouldn’t have to go through it alone.

Here are 5 tips on how to create a wedding registry, easily :


It’s always easier to procrastinate signing up on a wedding registry and think of it as an overwhelming task. However, the first thing you should do is try to register yourselves up. This makes it easy to start the planning process and help your punctual friends start buying your gifts.

List the things you love :

A great tip to making sure you make the most out of your registry is by listing the items you use and love. It wouldn’t make any sense creating a list with things that won’t be of use to you in your lifestyle. Just like planning your wedding, don’t choose something you think is supposed to be there because you’re married, choose it because it’s practical and it feels right.

Do not go through it alone :

Apart from the support from your partner and friends, you should choose a website where you will be properly guided on everything from the process of registration to getting your gifts delivered. The whole process! Remember, if you aren’t satisfied nor excited about your selections, then something may be wrong. Couples should be as excited to update their registry as they are excited for the wedding.

Plan ahead for future lifestyle changes:

As you grow older as a couple, you’ll be much happier to entertain people at home as opposed to going out. Think about hosting duties, the items you’ll need for these. Glasses, silverware and items for cocktail foods, servingware etc.

Forget the rules :

Okay. Your mother or mother-in-law will always be there to suggest you do things a certain way and register items you “need”. Guaranteed, they always have the best advices, because they’ve been there before and also want the best for us, but remember that the items you register should reflect who you are as a couple. If you prefer smaller, casual items to extravagant ones, by all means, do you. And vice versa.

But, Don’t register for only essentials : there are guests that may want to give you something special and memorable, if you don’t want them going off-registry, make sure you request a few items that break the form.

Now, after all that’s said and done with the tips, the big question is what wedding registry can I use?

A lot of couples have used Zola Wedding Registry to connect with their dream wedding list and the great thing is that you can receive$50 towards your Zola registry when you receive $500 in gifts

Put Your Wedding Registry On
Your Wedding Website

Your Zola registry integrates seamlessly with all of our wedding website designs, letting your guests buy you a wedding gift directly on your wedding website.

Sign up here & register through this link below :

$50 towards your Zola registry when you receive $500 in gifts



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  1. Love these suggestions!!!! I’m married but didn’t get the wedding route so have never done a wedding registry but I’ll pass this along when my friends get engaged. So helpful!


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