What I Wore : My Christmas Eve Outfit + Tips I Followed While Choosing It |The Ash Tree Journal

the ash tree journal christmas eve outfit

Hello lovelies!

Merry Christmas!

Christmas is a time of cheer and merry, a time to relax, reflect or dress up and look good. With that, I chose to go out for once, this year. I mean, who doesn’t love getting dressed up and going out on a nice Christmas Eve?

the ash tree journal christmas eve outfit

I’ve had this jumpsuit for two years but I never could quite figure out why I never wore it. I guess I hadn’t found the right ocassion like on this day.

What I really loved about my look was how comfortable it was first of all, it was chic but also playful.

I loved the colors which I think complemented my skin tone so well, and also reminded me of the ankara styles which are mostly worn back home in Nigeria.

the ash tree journal christmas eve outift

I paired the jumpsuit with red pumps from ASOS which seriously revived my love for heels.

Finally, I topped it off with a coat which was from my mother’s wardrobe. It fit perfectly for the look I was going for.

the as htree journal christmas eve outfit
the ash tree journal christmas eve outift

My makeup was subtle just as planned, and my hair was revamped by Callahcrowns. If you are in need of great hair revamp and all things hair, contact her here. You wont regret it!

I know how important it is to look good on special days like Christmas and New Years Eve, so here are the tips I had at the back of my mind while pairing this outfit :

the ash tree journal christmas eve outfit
  • Do not exaggerate, less is always more.
  • Play with just a few accessories.
  • Show less, suggest more. Be subtle, nuanced.

Outfit Details :

Jumpsuit : Zara

Shoes : ASOS

Coat : Kenneth Cole

Accessories : Random thrift shops





  1. Very similar to my red African jumpsuit I’m crazy about, so I understand what you mean when you said playful. You look splendid in it. And the day was well deserving of the look


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