Foodlovin’ : I Found Love In Hummus Bar, Budapest!

“Why did I wait so long to try this again?” I thought as I bit into my shawarma filled with chicken thigh, spices and Hummus.

the ash tree journal hummus bar budapest review

My love for hummus didn’t start until late october 2018, when I had the privilege of going on one of the sponsored outings organised by Visitme Budapest.

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Before then, I had canceled chickpeas and hummus mostly because I always thought it had a weird texture. I guess that’s why it’s important to try food in authentic and good places.

Hummus bar is located in many places around Budapest but my favorite is still the one located on October 6 Utca.

the ash tree journal hummus bar budapest review
What we ordered : Shawarma plate (left) and falafel plate (right) with laffa breads to go with the menu.

On the table :

the ash tree journal hummus bar budapest review

On this day, which was like my ten thousandth occasion so far, I and my friend ordered a shawarma plate and falafel plates respectively. We got complimentary mint teas to go with the food.

How was the food?

The hummus was the best part of the meal.

The chicken and falafel were not their strongest selling points (I thought the chicken was a bit too dry and not adequately spiced, same as the falafel). The fries are an absolute  no no but the hummus, the hummus is all I can stay there for!

My friend also made a comment  and said “I guess that’s why they’re called hummus bar”. And I agree. Lol.

the ash tree journal hummus bar budapest review

However, I personally realized that I enjoyed my shawarma better when it was in a wrap and not a plate.

Final verdict :

Hummus Bar, Budapest has a good service – drink samples and substitutions were not a problem, they even offer a ten percent student discount for we poor students and I think that’s fantastic. The pricing was good too. The food above cost us around 4790 hungarian forints (approx.15 euros)

the ash tree journal hummus bar budapest review

Overall rating :

Food – 8/10

Price – 8/10

Staff – 10/10

Decor – 9/10

Location – 8/10

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