Style Tips : 5 Tips For Buying Loose Diamonds

The ash tree journal tips on buying diamonds
The ash tree journal tips on buying diamonds

Image Source: Pexels

Ever wondered if there’s a point to buying loose diamonds?

Well, loose diamonds are a whole lot easier to inspect compared to pre-set stones. That’s because the setting can disguise imperfections in a diamond.

But before you buy a loose diamond, here are a few rules to consider.


One important thing to understand before you go into diamond shopping is diamond certification – When you buy a certified diamond, it means the stone has been evaluated by a gemological lab and the certificate provides important information about the characteristics and qualities of the diamond.

What’s more? The certificates allow loose diamonds to keep their value longer than pre-set stones that are sold without certifications.

2. Decisions

Some people prefer to buy stones like those loose diamonds Sydney shops are offering so that they can have the freedom to create their very own settings. When you buy a diamond, especially a loose one, you need to decide on the quality and size you’re after. Buying a bigger diamond isn’t always better. The bigger the stone gets, the rarer it is to find an exceptional quality stone.

You’ll need to decide what’s more important – a higher quality smaller diamond or a lower quality larger one.

3. Timing

The ash tree journal tips on buying diamonds

Image Source: Pexels

Are you buying the lose diamond as a gift or to use in a future engagement ring? When you buy loose diamonds, take into account the amount of time it will take to fund and purchase one as well as having it placed in a setting. If you want to save some time, aim to purchase a loose diamond and choose your setting all in one place.

4. Know The 4Cs

Before you buy a loose diamond, research the 4 Cs:

  • Colour – this is the diamond’s appearance and it ranges from colourless (D) all the way to light yellow (Z). The more colour there is, the more it can impede the fire of the diamond.
  • Clarity – this refers to the inclusions or imperfections in the stone. The fewer inclusions a diamond has, the higher its quality.
  • Carat – this is the weight of the diamond.
  • Cut – this refers to the light reflection, symmetry and shape of the stone

Before you buy loose diamonds, decide which of the 4 Cs is most important to you and your needs.

5.Talk To Someone

Finally, choosing to purchase loose diamonds is a big decision, not to mention a big investment.

Don’t hesitate to talk to an expert and ask all the questions you need answers to. For example, if you feel you’re just not grasping the 4 Cs, or you need another opinion on style or cut, talk to someone in the know to ensure you get the very best stones for your budget.

The ash tree journal tips on buying diamonds 2

Image Source: Pexels

Buying loose diamonds can be incredibly rewarding and memorable, regardless of the occasion.

Follow the above tips and you’re sure to find a gorgeous stone.


What are your thoughts? Let me know below!

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