Is Blogging Really For You? Find Out Now! (5 Reasons Why)


After almost 3 years of blogging on The Ash Tree Journal, I have realised that one of my favorite things to do, despite the laziness and sometimes anxiety that follows, is blogging.

I started out mostly like most bloggers I know, writing in my books, creating scrap books and gathering ideas to share on social media( when I was finally old enough to use one, that is).

My blogging days started on tumblr (shoutout to tumblr though- that website kept me sane for years!). It eased the boredom I usually felt while in Med school and I would say it actually made me more productive.  

How? I’d hurry to get my real work and studies done just so I could have more time for my ‘blog’. That little creative burst in the day was all I really needed.

Fast forward to now, I have a self hosted blog and I can tell you that blogging is one of the most fun thing I’ve ever had to do.

It was truly the best hobby I could have stumbled upon.

While this is probably not enough reason to start a blog as everyone will have different motivations for starting a blog, I have to say that mine was mostly because it was a great hobby and I always looked forward to creating content about any, and everything!

Having a blog has brought me a lot of unique opportunities and great experiences. I have met amazing people, worked with good brands and I have put myself in a place in the world where I never thought I’d dream of.

So why should you start a blog? Here are 5 reasons!


1.You’ll get a creative release from your everyday routine :

This is the number one reason why I went blogging full time. I started off as a food blogger and so I would create different recipes, bake so much and also learn a lot in the process. Knowing that you have a fun project waiting for you at the end of your normal day will help you stay motivated and even make you happier too!

2. You always have information to share:

Before I started my personal blog, I had always wondered if anyone will learn anything from me. Why exactly is this out there?


I have learned countless things from blogs! Some of them with quite a large following and others with a small following. Regardless of the following, the one thing I always got from these blogs were helpful information and tips! Whether it’s about a nice restaurant that just opened up, or a specific way I can edit my photos in Lightroom, there is always something to learn and share. Whatever it is you are blogging about, someone is looking for that information!!


3. You learn to write better :

Before I started blogging, I was sorta into creative writing. However, that went away and blogging kind of brought it back. Blogging can improve your writing skills by forcing you to think out of the box, and it also helps you by learning to punctuate and articulate words much better. The more you write, the easier it becomes and the better you become, in many aspects of writing.

4. I finally learned to use a DSLR & improved my photography :

For a very long time, I’ve loved photography. I also believed I was good at it but it stopped at clicking a button on a phone and adding a few edits. It wasn’t until I got into blogging that I became fully aware of how much more I could do with photography. I purchased a DSLR, read tons of articles, watched a lot of YouTube videos explaining how to use it and asked a lot of people for help. I am still not a pro, but my pictures have come such a long way from where they used to be and I am even proud to say I can call myself a photographer.

Also, have you met a blogger who’s a bad photographer though?

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5. It’s an inexpensive hobby that you can make an income from :

Some hobbies are pretty expensive! For instance, I know a few people who paint as a hobby and the cost of paint, canvas, brushes, etc are a lot.

While hosting a blog for a year isn’t quite cheap, I figure it’s a great investment, especially if you’re making money from your blog.

Also, if you aren’t sure how much you want to invest in a blog, you can blog for free! You can open an account on WordPress, blogger or even tumblr!

My “why” was to stay inspired and creative, and to explore something I was passionate about.

-The Ash Tree Journal

Your reason can be any of these things or something totally different, but if you needed a little push to get started, hopefully these helped. If you’re passionate about something, stop waiting and start doing! I promise, you won’t regret it!

If you’re a blogger, why did you start blogging? And to non bloggers, would you start blogging soon?

13 thoughts

  1. Hi Ash! Nice post. Like you, I was on Tumblr for years, and I am also guilty for creating scrapbooks haha. My blog is pretty new. It started as a personal blog, but in recent months, it has evolved more into a lifestyle blog. I am still learning and growing as a blogger. But I’m excited to see where it will take me. In the meantime, it would mean a lot if you check out my blog 🙂 If you have any advice I’d love to hear your thoughts.


  2. This is so helpful. I recently just started writing again after I abandoned blogging for years, you can check the blog out:
    I started again because I missed the whole idea of writing, I was looking to write for a brand that was already established but I didn’t get so I thought to start blogging again.


    1. Thank you for reading! Yes, writing is a great release and its great that you found it again. Just keep going and you will meet a great pace afterwards. Your blog is quite interesting, too!


  3. Yessss- amen to everything in this post!! I will say, many of these benefits I had not anticipated when I started the blog, but saw them later on. The improvement of writing is something I have substantially seen a difference in when I look back on my first posts. Thanks for sharing!


  4. Thanks for sharing I remember reading blog post like this before I started and I kept push it off until I finally decided to go for and and my gosh I feel great for doing it and allowing my creativity to thrive hehe


  5. Hi! I just started blogging and your reasons on why you started blogging are on POINT! I started blogging to actually get creative and express my “creativity” of some sort and opinions out there. Hope to one day change to a self hosted blog! Great post!


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