Here’s Why You Should Keep A Childlike Attitude, Always. (+OOTD Pictures,Included)

the ash tree journal reasons why you shouldnt grow up
theash tree journal reasons why you shouldnt grow up

It seems like we spend our entire lives wishing to grow up and when we finally do, we only wish to be children again.

Examine a typical day in an adult’s life : Wake up, go to work, drown yourself in said work, drink copious amounts of coffee, work some more, and then go home. You may be doing nothing that is actually fun, playful or childlike. Instead, we run our lives with things and commitment that are supposed to be so productive that there is no time to have fun and that fun isn’t considered important.

Even when we define fun, we envision things like crashing out in front of the TV, drinking excessively or isolating ourselves from life and what it may offer. Oh, let’s not forget binging on Netflix and spending hours and hours on the internet.

The day we lost the ability to play heartily and regularly is the point we needed it the most!

the ash tree journal reasons why you shouldnt grow up

When we play, I mean, really play, we abandon a lot of commitments, basking in complete freedom : no structure. Just creative, joyful bliss. We are fully engaged in the present and we leave all worries behind.

It’s almost pointless to think of it as young adults, because, let’s face it, somehow, the things we have piled up to do always comes back to eat us up while we are playing and so we start to feel guilty.

But then, why would anyone want to dedicate most of their adult life to doing something they did not enjoy or never had fun doing? I mean, fun is the good stuff. That is being alive, right?

Don’t let others rob you of your playfulness, do not let fear of rejection or ridicule stop you from being playful, just remember that if you do it gradually, step-by-step and build up, the more playful you are, the easier it gets.

Gallery / OOTD pictures :

the ash tree journal reasons why you shouldnt grow up

Perhaps it means sharing jokes, pulling legs, dancing, singing, kicking a ball around, dressing up, having party games, going for walks or bike rides, or going to war with a group of 3-8 year olds armed with long balloons! However you do it, playing genuinely in childlike fashion will also ensure that you receive a wide array of psychological, physiological and emotional benefits. – Adam Eason blog

the ash tree journal reasons why you shouldnt grow up

Outfit Details:

Dungarees are one of my favorite wardrobe pieces as it’s a fun and playful piece of outfit. I think they should be worn more often.

Dungaree : H& M – gifted

Inner Top : Tezenis Hungary

Tights : Calzedonia Hungary

Shoes: Bershka (sold out)

Purse : Gucci

There are too many benefits to ignore getting more playful. Reconnect with your inner child!

Read more, here


  1. Great post, Ash! I love to reconnect with my inner child and remind myself to not be so serious all the time. Life is too short. Thank you for sharing this post!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Love dungarees and I can’t wait to own one. About the post, it’s true that what adults call fun isn’t supposedly fun. Play in the sand, laugh @ jokes, live in the present. Nice post. I have a new blog post up, please do check it out: thanks


    1. Dungarees are so easy and great! Yes its so important to find time to play a little bit! I stopped by your blog and i loved your post on berets!


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