What I Wore : The Summer Trend I Didn’t Get Tired Of – Bermuda Shorts! (+Styling Tips)

I love making shorts out of jeans, or customizing denim. Basically, I like to rip and distress things… I love that look.

Hailey Baldwin

I’ve been a fan of bermuda shorts for several years now because they are perfect if you are looking for a little more coverage than shorts! They’re surprisingly very versatile and look great whether they’re worn casually with sneakers or even dressed up with heels. However, they can also be so tricky to find and are something that either fit very well on you or make you look frumpy

the ash tree journal summer trend I didn't get tired of

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As soon I started seeing these bermuda shorts everywhere, I knew my time had come finally.

And I didn’t hesitate to keep wearing them.

Now, let’s talk styling & styles of Bermuda shorts:

There are a few styles of bermuda shorts but the two most common ones include:

  • Boyfriend bermuda shorts (usually oversized and distressed)
  • Fitted bermuda shorts (these are usually cut from jeans and cuffed, or store-bought with a nice hem)

I got the fitted version and I loved styling it with different pieces like plain white tees, sleeveless tops, blouses and finally, a leather jacket. I also styled it with pam slippers, sandals and chunky sneakers.

the ash tree journal summer trends for 2019

The key when wearing any of these shorts is to make your outfit look pulled together and purposeful. By nature, bermuda shorts aren’t super flattering to your leg because they cut off right in the middle. So we need to learn how to make an outfit with shorts look stylish, pretty, and as flattering as possible.


the ash tree journal summer trends for 2019

Top: Bershka

Shorts : Bershka

Leather Jacket : Pull & Bear

Fanny Pack : Thrifted

Glasses : H&M

Shoes : Bershka

the ash tree journal summer trends for 2019
Styling my bermuda shorts
the ash tree journal summer trends for 2019

Thank you for reading through this post, what were your favorite summer trends?


6 thoughts

  1. I’m more of a shirt and jean kinda guy. Nothing special except those new vans i got this summer. Nice read and good look with the Bermuda shorts


  2. You look amazing. I’m a huge fan of Bermuda shorts too but I go the easy way while styling them: the shorts and a plain tee with sneakers.


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