An Affordable Brunch Spot : Six Letter Coffee Co, Budapest

brunch at six letter cafe, Budapest. The Ash Tree Journal

The best thing about life is always being able to pick a place, choose a date and go have brunch with them.

I think it’s one of my favourite activities.

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I have been looking around for a nice brunch place that’s also really casual and thanks to Instagram, (for the first time,the ads were actually relevant), I found six letter, put it up on my Instagram story, and got someone to join me the next day for brunch.

Located just in the heart of the city, right next to the Budapest parliament, Six letter has the perfect ambience and vibe for brunch and causal coffee.

Serving up a variety of breakfast and lunch menu items, this cafe might just be my new favourite spot to relax and unwind.

Here’s what we tried and our take on this Six Letter Coffee Co!


This place has everything you’d want from a coffee place, and even more. First of all, the interior is very spectacular. I loved how there was a motorbike right at the entrance. The cafe was large, cosy and had an even bigger space upstairs.

The Menu :

I really liked their menu options. There was a wide variety of sweet and savoury breakfast options, and a variety of coffee and tea based drinks.

brunch at six letter cafe, Budapest. The Ash Tree Journal

On The Table:

  • French toast with honey
  • American pancakes with fruit salad and honey
  • Matcha tea latte
  • Cappuccino
  • Table water

I was thinking of ordering an additional omelette but thank goodness I didn’t, because the french toast was already very filling. It wasn’t more special than how a normal french toast would taste but it was good. I honestly preferred them to the pancakes. But,I usually prefer french toast to pancakes anyway.

I also seriously recommend their mimosas. A little birdie told me it was the best they’ve ever had!

brunch at six letter cafe, Budapest. The Ash Tree Journal

The Service

Last but not least, the service is very friendly and welcoming. I even went ahead and added one of the baristas on facebook as we had already bonded over our love for new languages. Win!

Overall rating :

Food – 9/10

Price – 9/10

Staff – 10/10

Decor – 10/10

Location – 10/10

Six Letters was a breeze. I really loved my brunch there, and I know I’d be going back for more coffee and even more brunch!

brunch at six letter cafe, Budapest. The Ash Tree Journal

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