Photography : 3 Easy Ways To Improve Your Photos, Effortlessly!

the ash tree journal how to improve your photography in 3 easy ways

the ash tree journal how to improve your photography in 3 easy ways

It’s no secret that photography has become more and more popular with the rise of new phones and DSLRs . Everyone has become a master at taking pictures and sharing it on social media. For one, Instagram has become an online portfolio – a way to showcase your brand effortlessly and it’s no surprise that businesses have caught up and are on track.

I have struggled with building a good Instagram feed worth being satisfied with and I cannot tell you how after almost a year of trial and error, I finally have something to stick with…for now.

Have you been struggling with getting the best pictures out there? Are you like me who wants to have very beautiful pictures, effortlessly? Read on for more..

Tips On How To Take Better Photos..

1 | Visualization

One thing I often do, even more involuntarily these days, is daydream. Yes, daydreaming about shots and different ways to capture a certain picture.

As content creators, we are constantly visualizing and creating things in our minds. I used to think this was a typical lazy man’s dream but I promise you, visualizing your subject and the kind of final product you would want others to see, really helps to produce better pictures. One way to help your creative juices flow, is by using visual aids, which can be of plenty inspiration for you – Instagram and Pinterest are my favorite social media sites to use. I have created a lot of board on Pinterest for this reason and on specific topics and it has greatly improved my photography.

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2| Angle & Composition :  

This is a crucial part of picture taking that I really didn’t take into consideration for a long time. Many shots can be given added impact by simple changes in the camera view.

The camera angle marks the specific location at which the camera is placed to take a shot. These different camera angles will have different effects on the viewer and how they perceive the object that is shot. The most common angles include : Eye level shots, Bird’s eye view, low angles, high angles, worm’s eye level (aka ground level) and many more.

The camera composition however, is the way you position or combine the different elements within the frame of the picture to form the final image, such that the viewers eye is immediately drawn to specific parts or areas of the photo.

PHLEARN has the best tips for the perfect composition in pictures.

3 | Its all in the Lighting

The better lit your subject is, the clearer your image is likely to be. If possible, aim to take your pictures outside with natural, bright light, or turn on lights when shooting inside. If you’re turning on lights in a room, be aware that artificial light affects the color and can also cast shadows on your picture. The trick is to centralize the light and avoid shadows by taking pictures at an angle where it wont show. If you are outside and you have bright sunlight, avoid shooting into the bright light as your subject might end up as a silhouette. Instead, back the sun, and have the subject under the sun.

Personal tip : Shady places are my favorite places to shoot because the pictures are much much easier to control when editing.

Photography is fun, and it can even be more fun, when you get better results.

What are your favorite photography tips?

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  1. Interesting write-up. I’m now following you on Pinterest. I’m a huge Pinterest fan too and I get a lot of inspiration from there


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