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The 3 Ways To Keep Going, Even Without A Support System 

the ash tree journal how to keep going even without a support system

Be strong, be fearless, be beautiful. And believe that anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you.

the ash tree journal how to keep going even without a support system

Hi lovelies, how is everyone doing?

It’s been a while since we had a little chit chat blog post talking about positivism and going through life with some motivation, all that good stuff.

So today, I thought I should talk to you all about something which has been not only a big struggle, but it’s also something I have learned to overcome with time and that is doing things without a strong support system in your corner.

You just started a business, a blog, a YouTube channel. Something. You’re feeling very excited about this project and naturally, you tell your closest friend or family member about it. But he/she is just not as excited as you are. Because of this, you get less motivated to continue the awesome project you thought off in your head and with time, you stop or lose the passion.

That’s not so great is it? So what do you do when you have no encouragement from your family, or friends? Grab your note, and cup of tea and read on!


Sometimes when we start off on something, we often depend on the validation of others to keep this thing going and when that validation doesn’t come in handy, or when it is expected, we lose the passion. Remember why you started this journey in the first place, was it for the validation of people, or was it for yourself?


And that’s totally okay. You have to remember that sometimes your friends or family can never understand the angle you’re taking in life sometimes and they may not be as enthusiastic as you’d like them to be. While this can be depressing and saddening, you have to know when to not resent your loved ones for trying to talk you out of your passion. Just simply smile and accept the fact that family and friends do not understand nor are they helpful; and you resenting it won’t change them. It will only end up holding you back.


How? Choosing the right relationships involves surrounding yourself with the right kind of encouragement and support that you need for this journey. It is said that we become the 5 people we hang around with the most, therefore, we must choose carefully. A support group is a great place to find friends who can be positive and supportive and can also hold you accountable on a regular basis.

I can specifically say that for blogging, I have found amazing support groups online that have helped me to stay motivated through this journey and that has been a blessing.


Guaranteed, when we are excited about something, we always want to let people know. But if this news falls into the wrong hands of people who do not support you or are constantly trying to bring you down, then you can expect that everything will take a different turn. Sometimes, -and this is a major thing I have learned to do-, if you find that someone isn’t particularly excited every time you bring up something you love, a change of subject or basically leaving out conversations that will lead to this topic is the best option. And perhaps for your own sanity too.

From my perspective, it is very important and imperative for us to have a positive and encouraging support system. And as disappointing and hurtful as it is to have a lack of support from friends and/or family members, you can’t let that keep you from finding the support system you need and constantly chasing your dreams regardless.

Yes, it will take a lot of effort to do so, but remember that with hard work and God by your side, you can achieve anything you want in life!

the ash tree journal how to keep going even without a support system

Now it’s your turn! Do you have the support of family and friends? If not, have you been able to establish a support system for yourself? Tell me how in the comment section below!

First written in 2017 *

58 thoughts on “The 3 Ways To Keep Going, Even Without A Support System  Leave a comment

  1. I have a great support system of family and friends, but I’ve now moved and most live across the country from me. Since moving, I’ve had to adapt my expectations (phone calls vs. seeing them), make new friends here (who are amazing but we haven’t built the depth you crave yet) and spend more effort knowing what parts I can do for myself (remembering my initial motivation like you suggest, self-care, etc).


  2. I really needed this post this week! I’ve been through a really rough time with my friends the past couple of years and have found myself quite isolated and without a proper support network. My ex-boyfriend was always my #1 cheerleader, especially when it came to my blog etc, but we broke up about 5 months ago and I’ve felt pretty alone with it since. I have to say, my blog readers and other fellow bloggers have become my main support team now! Thanks for this post, Ash it helped me put things back into perspective and reminded me why I do what I do 🙂 x


  3. I’m lucky that I have a supportive family but my friends are also a very important part of my support network and you are right that it’s an important thing for all of us to have, whoever those people may be!


  4. Thanks for the pep talk, it’s good to listen to every now and again because it’s so easy to doubt yourself! I’m lucky to have a great support system with my family and friends and they pick me up whenever I’m feeling a bit down


  5. You have compiled some great points, I do feel inspired by your post. I have a support system of family and friends in the city where I live in and do feel the difference with having them.


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