Here’s Why Teddy Coats Are A Necessary Fashion Item. (Shopping Links Included)

When I think of teddy coats, I think of comfort, warmth and style like no other. I’m late to join the bandwagon though, because almost after two years, I’m only just owning a piece.

Anyway, we all know that fashion has its own rules and thankfully, teddy coats aren’t yet cancelled because I love how this coat can directly transform my look from pretty basic to a better basic look, lol.


the ash tree journal on teddy coats and why they are the must have fashion item

The teddy coat in the last 2 years hit. it. off. Teddy fur was the fabric of the season and in high demand. Most fashion bloggers worth their salt had a selection of teddy coats and me? I was still dreaming of that baby but never put real effort to get one. This season, I decided to get one off sales at Reserved, Budapest. And I am happy I did so.

Teddy fur, shearing, Borg, whatever you want to call it, is a dream fabric for winter and when there’s a trend that’s also warm and cosy we grab that trend and we hold onto it with both hands.


  • It’s as soft as a teddy bear/ your favourite blanket (don’t lie and say you don’t have a blanket/teddy bear)
  • It’s trendy
  • It’s like leaving the house in your duvet


I got this jacket from Reserved Hungary which is unfortunately sold out online and in stores but you can find similar here on ASOS.

I got my T shirt from the men’s section in Bershka which you can find here

As usual, I paired my T shirt with leggings and simple white sneakers from Sinsay which you can find here.

the ash tree journal on teddy coats and why they are the must have fashion item

Do you own a teddy coat? How do you style your teddy coats??


What are your thoughts? Let me know below!

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