Tasting Hungary’s Countryside Food At Farmbistro, Budapest.

Not sure why it took me so long to write this post, I visited Farm Bistro over a year ago and loved it. 

I feel like it always takes a long time to do things I want to do, almost like I get one chance and I want to do it EXACTLY right; basically a fancy way to procrastinate. But that’s beside the point for now…

Farm Bistro is a small cute cafe located at the Buda side of Budapest. I had a quick morning shoot in that area and before my client arrived, my friends and I decided that breakfast would be a good idea. We found this place by chance, actually.

There are certain shopping-related keywords that can instantly increase the value of a food product in our eyes. Just think about it: it simply feels better to bite into any food that is termed free-rangeorganic, or fair-trade.

Foods and drinks made from such ingredients tend to taste better, as well. Farmbistro identified this correlation and offered these kinds of products in a cozy, cheerful little place.

I loved that this place is a cute and family-friendly bistro, perfect for groups and friends, with outdoor seating as well for the warmer months.

On The Table :

Since it was really early and we wanted something quick, we all opted for eggs. Some scrambled, omelette and fried sunny side ups. For drinks, we had coffee and hot chocolate. 

I love how the food was served fresh and was made from scratch with special dietary adjustments, if needed. 

The interior was very warm and welcoming. I loved the colors, green is one of my favorite colors so i felt very comfortable and relaxed as soon as walked in. They claim that everything in the bistro is made from Hungarian products (you can even check what is from where) and prepared onsite, but what does “everything” really include? 

Farmbistro has perfect ingredients for a breakfast, light lunch, afternoon snack, or dinner: sandwiches, quiches (450-550 HUF), cup desserts, and cakes line up in the refrigerated display, but they have soups (350 HUF) as well. The ingredients change seasonally, and come in pairings such as squash and apple.

I hear they even offer a kind of pastry, called batyu – the house specialty, which comes in various versions stuffed with fruits, vegetables, or meat (420 HUF).

As for drinks, you can choose among fruit juicessyrups, or even coffees. Additionally, it’s important to note that we don’t have to reach deep into our wallets in order to pay for this rural freshness – the prices couldn’t be friendlier for the quality provided.

the ash tree journal cheap breakfast at farm bistro budapest

Have you been to farm bistro??


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