The 3 Things I gave Up To Live A Better Life

Being an adult is a constant motion of making decisions that are meant to make your life better and more purposeful, all while hoping that these decisions are actually the right ones and don’t eventually come back to bite you in the bum. 

Personal growth is something very important to me as i am intentionally trying to better myself each day. I am aware of the hard work it takes to personally want something for yourself and go for it, despite the obstacles that may present. 

Because of this personal growth process, I had to give up a few things to make sure I was on the right path to this development of oneself. 

I gave up the FEAR OF FAILURE

Life isn’t a bed of roses, and most definitely, you are not promised the fact that you’ll succeed at everything you try your hands on. I learnt to give up the fear of failure because I know that we all fail at different things, at least once in our lives. The good thing is that when you are not afraid to fail, you know that you have the power to always change your narrative, to get back on your feet and tackle the problem with even more confidence, information and drive.

The good thing is that when you are not afraid to fail, you know you have the power to always change your narrative, to get back on your feet and tackle the problem with even more confidence, information and drive.


In a world where everyone wants to be on the side of constant criticism of others, I decided to be on the opposite spectrum. I decided that instead of responding to people’s content or ideas with criticism, I try to see the good in all of it and offer my help on how to improve or on areas I feel could be improved. This has made my communication with people so much easier and I know that it has made people more comfortable to come to me with ideas, knowing that constructive suggestions would be made, regardless. 


“Recovered people pleaser “should be something that I should add to my bio or something. Although I never really considered myself to be a people pleaser, because I have been trained to have the idea in my head about not caring about what people think of me. 

But as an adult trying to navigate life, I can say I may have receded in my ways in the sense that I noticed I had to do some certain things or act a certain way to please people and I thought that made me seem kinder, etc. False.

If you find yourself in that situation, allow me to be a perfect example of a recovered people pleaser. I can single handedly tell you that you do not have to live your life based off of how nice you are to them, and by nice, I mean sucking up to them. There is so much peace of mind in knowing that you can go through life the way you want, without having to think  of what someone thinks of you. 

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What steps do you take to live a better life?

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Love, Ash.x

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  1. Very key! To add to your points, TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THINGS: This isn’t peculiar to people owning up to their sh**, it also affects being able to achieve a goal based on a deliberate set of actions. Many adults nowadays want things, but are don’t deem it fit to put in the work, and would rather depend on a “come-through” source. And when a time comes when that “come-through” source fails, their world sinks because they have never experienced disappointment, or failure, or rejection.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Amazing point, Henry! I think that these days we refuse to stay accountable and think that things would just automatically drop in our hands. But that’s not really true. I love this point you’ve made and I’d definitely look into my life and see if I have this problem too! Thank you so much for reading!


  2. Fantastic post babe. These are three things I never really thought I had to work on actively. But now I realise that I’m too afraid of many thing as and so I have to work on that!


    1. Thank you for reading the post! I think it’s important to work on that -permit me to say – demon called fear because there’s so much on the other side of it and I still struggle but now I decided, do it even if your heart is beating 20x more in that moment 😀


  3. I totally agree with you! The one major thing for me was giving up my fear of failing. I was just terrified of failing and getting rejected but once I gave that up, I feel more free and nothing seems to be a treat to me now but an exciting challenge instead ✨


  4. Whew, the fear of failure and pleasing others are big ones for me. This whole post motivates me to try to recognize and change my thought process around those. Thank you sooo much for sharing such a relatable and inspiring post, Ash!


  5. Actually, these are great things to watch out for when trying to make your self as a whole better. Thank you for sharing this, Ash.


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