Fashion : LindaMelinda White Collection Opening Party (featuring Dadoswonders and more!)

linda melinda opening party SS19 by the ash tree journal

Thanks to my good friend, I was opportuned to attend my “first opening party” by a fashion house. Imagine how amazing was it that it was by one of my favorites, Linda Melinda.

The creator of the idea, Linda, is a modern mother who is constantly striving for a balance between family and work. She loves her little boy, who also inspires and motivates her day by day in her work, which is creating clothes for modern women.

linda melinda opening party SS19 by the ash tree journal

The opening party happened back in september but seeing as i have enough time now, and going through my gallery, I had to share this brand with you guys.

The theme of the opening party was subtle, cool and beautifully minimal. I loved the all white dress code we all had to follow, I think it represented the brand perfectly.

Other amazing brands I discovered in the Paula concept store (which houses many conceptual brands) included Macremewonders by Dalma Dénes.

About the brand and its mission statement :

Linda grew up in Budapest and became a woman and mother in Cyprus, combining the lightness of urban style with the sophistication of a Mediterranean village feeling. After gaining experience in many different fields, she realised that her true passion is indeed fashion. She created the Lindamelinda brand to turn her sense of fashion into wearable artwork, creating comfortable yet feminine silhouettes.

According to this published article on Marie Claire HU, the LindaMelinda brand aims to provide high quality, demanding products to confident women so that they can also express their own personalities through their attire. “I love my family and I love contemporary fashion. My clothes are made for women like me. For working mothers who are capricious, passionate, scattered, but harmony always remains a part of their lives. Lindamelinda women are imperfect, inaccurate, but humorous, attentive, curious and see life as art, the designer says. – We want to give our customers the opportunity to hide in trendy and easily elegant clothes; and a style that can be worn by real fashion lunatics alike, but also by those who love the style but aren’t yet sure how to personalize their outfit. ”

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Food is usually my favorite part of any event and this opening party did not fail to impress! The dessert was provided by Cake by Fari and they were just fantastic. As you may or may not know, Gin tonic is my absolute favorite cocktail and you guessed it, Gin tonic was served as a cocktail option. Gin was provided by Hendrick’s gin and tonic water was from hungarian brand, Kinley.

I have to say that this party was quite interesting, and I had a lot of fun learning about sustainable, minimal and yet high quality fashion.

I also met incredible fellow bloggers, fashion designers, photographers and fashion enthusiasts. I loved the warm environment and how friendly the whole place was. We all wasted no time to build new connections and make new friends.

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