Quarantine Diaries : Life Updates, Including A Room Transformation ft. Photowall Sweden (Discount code attached!)

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theashtreejournal life updates
theashtreejournal life updates

It feels kinda surreal putting this post out here. Heres why: Corona Virus has changed the world. `It has brought fear, panic, anxiety and chaos everywhere. everyone (read: me) is losing their minds, mental health is at stake and whew! It’s wild out here.

This lockdown maybe driving you nuts but you’ll get through it!

Okay, let’s talk updates on my life today. You all know that I secretly love sharing these types of posts even though I don’t have a lot going on in my life right now.

 Currently, I Am


Half tops, Skinny outfits and anything that screams summer. Spring is actually here, and I am sad that I do not get to enjoy the transition from outside but I definitely think that staying home safe is much, much, much better than increasing the chances of spreading the virus and stressing the healthcare workers more.

life up date on Ash how i'm spending my time in lockdown during coronavirus pandemic / theashtreegram
How I’m spending my time in lockdown

{ Admiring }

All the health care workers that are working so hard in this trying period, to contain this crazy pandemic. I’m also so proud of the nurses because as a future nurse, I know how difficult it must be to work long hours, on your feet. Sometimes you forget to eat or rest just because you have tons of patients to take care of. I admire the dedication and hard work our nurses are showing.

I am also admiring a lot of content creators that have managed to show their most creative sides, even with the constraints that come with being in lockdown. My Instagram feed has been filled with so much creative stuff that I think I should probably make a post on my favourite content creators at the moment.

Comment below if you want to see a new post on my favorite content creators at the moment!

{ Wishing }

I had gotten some beauty supplies before the lockdown. I could still make online orders and technically go to the store as well, but I am so paranoid that i have refused to leave my home nor trust the delivery companies. I am slowly getting out of the feeling of paranoia though, because Hungary is currently almost clear of new cases of coronavirus infections.

{ Determined To }

Study hard for my board exams which come up in a month! I’m going to be a Registered Nurse, soon!

{ Craving }

NIGERIAN FOOD. I have been craving so much Nigerian food of late. I just miss home and I am tired of eating snacks and “foreign food”. I just need to find a good day to do some shopping and get some Nigerian food products!

Check out my food posts here

{ Excited To }

Redecorate my room! I recently partnered with PHOTOWALL SWEDEN and got sent a sweet wallpaper design, complete with tools, manuals and all the information you’ll ever need.

I was so excited to see that the wallpaper I ordered, {which was this sweet marble finish btw}, was very matte and not reflective. This means that it would be great for backgrounds for my pictures. Also, I would be sure that the sun doesn’t directly reflect on the opposite side of my room. Hence, I can still retain the cool temperature of the room. Putting it up has been easy so far too, not until I had a small wrist injury and was unable to finish the putting up process.

I cannot wait to see the final outcome!

Shop on their website with my code : theashtreejournal25 for 25% off until June 2020!

{ Unsure About }

What the future holds post COVID-19. I am very scared of the impact this pandemic has had on the world. In terms of economy, job offers, travel opportunities, health, etc. There is a whole lot of uncertainty everywhere and I am one of the people affected, just as others.

{ Listening To }

A lot of chill Afrobeat music, otherwise known as Nigerian alternative music. My playlist includes Tems, Odunsi The Engine, Santi, Melvitto, Wande Coal, Fireboy and Oxlade.

Check out my Spotify playlists here

This has been how I have managed to spend my time in lockdown so far. I look forward to being outside again and creating more content.

Don’t forget you can shop wallpapers, posters, murals, wall designs on photowall.com with my code theashtreejournal25 for 25% off! Don’t forget to tag my Instagram with your posts @theashtreegram.

Get in touch : theashtreejournal@gmail.com

Follow me on instagram : @theashtreegram { www.instagram.com/theashtreegram }

How have you been spending time in lockdown??


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2 thoughts on “Quarantine Diaries : Life Updates, Including A Room Transformation ft. Photowall Sweden (Discount code attached!)

  1. Great post Ash! Can’t wait to see the outcome of the wallpaper design. Also, please share your favorite content creators!


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