My Favourite Products for 4c Natural Hair Care { Inecto Naturals, Rose Water & Indian Hemp Hairdress! }

After years of keeping my hair low, I decided to grow out my hair and take a step in caring for it in a better way. But it wasnt so simple. It can get very overwhelming to know what products to use and the exact routine to follow for washing, moisturizing and protecting.

After sifting through various blogs and receiving hair care tips from any naturalista I know, I decided I was going to dump everything I gathered and just start simple : shampoo, conditioner & lotion/cream for moisture.

I soon gathered the products that worked for me and these became my essentials for a simple hair care routine.

natural 4c hair care products inecto hungary - the ash tree journal


Shampoo: To be honest, I seldom use shampoo in my hair care routine as i have read, and later confirmed to myself that shampoo can be a bit dehydrating.

Since my hair type is 4C { Find out your hair type here }, I know that it does not retain a lot of moisture. 4C hair is believed to be one of the most fragile hair textures, making it more prone to damage and breakage. That means people with this hair type should look for products that deliver hydration and moisture and won’t strip strands of their natural oils. Therefore, I use shampoo once a month, or once for every two washes.

My shampoo is from Inecto Naturals, which is a Hungarian product. I love the Argan oil range because it makes my hair shine, and my curls are well defined too. It is vegan so that is a plus.

natural 4c hair care products inecto hungary – the ash tree journal

Conditioner: For me, absolute moisture is important for me, when choosing a conditioner. My conditioner is also from Inecto Naturals from the same argan oil range. I love how my hair feels soft and detangled after I am done conditioning my hair. I use the conditioner for co-washing too.

natural 4c hair care products inecto hungary - the ash tree journal
natural 4c hair care products inecto hungary – the ash tree journal

Aftercare: After Shampooing and conditioning, to keep my hair constantly moisturized, I use shea butter at all times! ( Read on how I make Shea Butter at home here .)

When my hair is in a protective style, I love to use the hair cream from Iuza. This cream has been an essential since childhood. It promotes my hair growth and makes my hair very easy to manage.

natural 4c hair care products inecto hungary - the ash tree journal
natural 4c hair care products inecto hungary – the ash tree journal

These are the essential everyday products I use for my natural hair. I love how my hair has become easier to manage and has grown so well in the past few months.

What products do you use to care for your hair?

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  2. I think I’m just now starting to understand my hair. Thanks to the lockdown I’ve been able to try out what works best. And I’ve still not gotten the satisfactory routine I want but what I do is to wash my hair with shampoo and then do the LOC method every month(at a maximum) and that has helped. Getting to know that it shouldn’t be about the length of my hair but how healthy my hair is also helps.

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  3. I’ve found success with the Jane Carter Collection products. A simple regimen works for me, plus daily spritz of aloe vera juice. Thanks for sharing!

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