The Ash Tree Journal is a diverse blog focusing on a lot of topics in which most millennials can relate to. It encompasses a lot of categories from lifestyle topics, beauty, travels to easy, peasy DIY projects.

I love to cook sometimes. So, you can expect some delicious but most importantly, simple recipes.

I chose to blog because I believe I am outspoken about a lot of topics, but I find it hard to express myself. Blogging has certainly helped to improve my expression skills and the experience with my readers, and fellow bloggers has been really great so far.

I hope to make this blog sort of personal so I can speak in my own voice and also make you, the reader, feel utmost welcome and not feel like you’re in an overly serious situation.


My name is Ashley, I am a Nigerian born, 23 year old female. I am currently studying for my bachelor’s degree in Nursing and Patient Care in the beautiful city of Budapest.

IΒ  love to meet new people, travel and try new things. I write a lot in my free time, and I love to share little ideas about anything I know.

My motto for life is : Bloom where you’re planted. This means that wherever I find myself, I choose to make the best ofΒ  the situation.

I am a free spirited, avid lover of life. I believe in staying positive no matter what life throws at you.

If you want to know more about me, check out my introductory post HERE

I have a couple more tags about myself, and you can find this in the “Personal” category.

My main goal for The Ash Tree Journal is to develop it into a lifestyle and beauty resource hub, where everyone will surely find something to relate to. I believe that information is important and I will try my best to give that off in every blog post I publish.


I love to hear from you guys so make sure you leave me lots of comments and you can always tweet me @ashneversonxo , message me on Facebook (The Ash Tree Journal), find me on Instagram @theashtreegram or email me on ashneverson@yahoo.com

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I look forward to being an inspiration to someone, including myself.

Love & Light,