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img_9501Hi there and welcome to THE ASH TREE JOURNAL !

This blog is a diverse blog focusing on a lot of topics and categories from lifestyle to beauty to DIYs to stories to recipes and wait for it, fashion. I don’t think I’ve ever considered myself a fashion guru, but hey, I think I have a little bit to contribute to the fashion world.

A little about me, Ashley.

I am a free spirited, avid lover of life. I believe in staying positive no matter what life throws at you.

I’m half melancholic and the other one, what was it again? Ah yes, sanguine.

I also like sprite and spicy food.

I created this blog to share my simple love story with life. In other words, this blog was created out of love and I plan to share whatever I have for you guys and you can expect personal stories and all of that. 
The Ash Tree Journal is inspired by the people and blogs around me, growing up!

I know by now you’re wondering, why is this called The Ash Tree Journal ?
Well first of all, The ash tree is part of the meaning of my name, Ashley.
Yes, weird right?
You can read all about how I changed my domain name and why I chose “the ash tree” HERE
Here, on TATJ, I believe in spreading love and staying motivated through what we do everyday.
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I look forward to being an inspiration to someone, including myself. 

Love & Light,