the ash tree journal how to keep going even without a support system

The 3 Ways To Keep Going, Even Without A Support System 

So what do you do when you have no encouragement from your family, or friends? Grab your note, and cup of tea and read on!

the ash tree journal reasons why you shouldnt grow up

Here’s Why You Should Keep A Childlike Attitude, Always. (+OOTD Pictures,Included)

Don’t let others rob you of your playfulness, do not let fear of rejection or ridicule stop you from being playful, just remember that if you do it gradually, step-by-step and build up, the more playful you are, the easier it gets.


How I Managed To Tackle The Winter Blues -Tips On How To Stay Happy During Winter!

You may have found yourself feeling more lethargic and down these past few months. Well, let me tell you something, you are not alone!

the ash tree journal, feeling festive and why its okay if you do not

Trying To Feel Festive (& Why It’s Okay If You Don’t) | The Ash Tree Journal

Remember that just because your Christmas doesn't feel all sparkly and magical, does not mean that it isn't or cannot be enjoyable.