Lifestyle || Weekend nail report- getting nail extensions. 

If there’s one thing I’m obsessed with, it’s getting my nails done.I feel like I’m not complete without perfectly manicured, colored nails.  However, this week I decided to try something different- get the “gel nail extensions”. Lately I have been waiting for my nails to grow for the longest time but it wasn’t forthcoming at […]

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FOOD LOVIN’|| My Favorite Comfort Food. 

For fear of not getting killed by my best friend, who has constantly been disturbing me to start this challenge (God bless her ❤️), I’m really doing this. I can’t escape it. Before I dive right in, so you all don’t get confused,because I was with this topic at first (I was there thinking Mac […]

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Lifestyle || Updates on Ash #1

  I kinda messed up the blogging challenge, I don’t know why I figured that I would be able to write a post each day.  I was wrong. I ended up being a bit more busy than expected, I really didn’t have time to write posts(not a good enough excuse, I know). I promise, I will do […]

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Monday motivation|| Quotes to help you get through.

Everyone hates Mondays! We all know that the only downside to having a fantastic weekend—Sleeping in! Sunday brunch! No annoying work/school emails!—is knowing it’s going to come to a screeching halt come Monday morning. Sleep patterns are messed up -back to waking up at 6am-ugh! Everything fun is OVER!! But hey, lets not hate Monday so […]

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