Lifestyle || Updates On Ash #5 

Hey darlings!

First of all, happy November! It’s only two months left in 2017, can you imagine how fast time flies?!

Okay. In today’s post, I will be updating you all on my life, currently. I know this is your favorite segment so I’ll be sure to spill the deets as much as I can!

Grab your tea, and lets catch up!

Currently, I am ;


Tees, Jeans and soon, Jackets. Its beginning to get cold so this is appropriate. Winter is already knocking as I can feel it getting older. Today, the temperature dropped to about 6 degrees. What?!

Admiring  :

All the Halloween costumes this year. I really love the creativity everyone pulled this year and while I have nothing to show for it, I just love to sit in the background and admire. Here are a few of my favorites :


Wishing :

I was currently on an island sipping some cocktails. I’m currently in the middle of writing midterms and I can’t help but wonder what my life would be like if I was already rich and I wasn’t in school at the moment.

If only wishes were horses, right?


Determined to :

Get better with school work, gotta keep those grades up. Wish me luck!

Craving :

I won’t lie, all I have been craving for the past month is just sleep. And more sleep. I can never sleep enough, can I?

Excited to :

Get through the week without hassles! Also, I am back to the gym. Thanks to my flatmate who wouldn’t just let her friend stay home and sleep and gain more weight, lol. I’m excited to lose all that extra weight by Christmas. Hashtag looklikehotsaucebychristmaschallenge.

Feeling :

Pretty good about myself. I feel overwhelmed sometimes by the amount of things I have to get done, but I just have to relax & take it one step at a time.

Appreciating :

Children, childhood and all its perks. It’s like adulthood is such a scam. Why did I want to grow up again?

Using :

My phone. A lot! Also, coconut oil. I love it. 

Watching :

Drop dead diva.

Image result

I cringe first before I tell people what I’m currently watching because, I’m always known for watching the weirdest shows. But hey, drop dead diva is actually good! Jane is kind of my spirit animal. Just like Mindy, in “the mindy project“. Another favorite show of mine!

Who else is watching or has watched drop dead diva?

Listening to :

A lot of indie, and soft pop music. Its getting colder, which calls for more ballads and songs that make me feel warm. Love it! 

Reading :

“The Smart Money Woman” by Arese Ugwu.


If you love your friend, relative or yourself, read & share this book. It is the best book I have read this year and it has helped me open my eyes to so many financial mistakes I have been making. Well written.

If you want a copy, please email me at and I’ll mail it to you!

Planning :

Lots of blog posts, November has to be good on the blogosphere. Also, to read early for my exams so I don’t end up too stressed out when the time comes.


And with this,  I bring this lovely post to a close. What have you been up to lately? Let me know in the comments section!


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Lifestyle || 5 Ways To Create A Good Morning Routine That Works!

Hey hey lovelies!

Whether you’re a student or working, waking up in the morning has to be one of the most difficult things to do. When the alarm goes off, naturally, the first thing we I do is hit the snooze button – am I right or AM I RIGHT?

However, research has shown that the most successful people in the world have a secret that has helped them look forward to mornings.


In my opinion, morning routines do not have to be overly complicated. You just have to learn what works for you and stick to it.

Here’s 5 ways I get myself ready for the day!


As soon as I wake up, I immediately head over to the bathroom and start by brushing my teeth. This ensures that I am fully awake as the mint in the toothpaste helps to kick-start my brain to start the day. After brushing my teeth, I hop into the shower and then proceed to start my face routine. Everything usually takes me about 15 minutes to complete.



Making the bed is usually the first thing most people swear by, but I’ll be honest. Some days, I don’t even bother. However, on those days when I have the correct energy to try, I do it and now I can say that I  have been able to form a habit of making my bed, religiously for the past month. Laying my bed in the morning helps to get my blood flowing and pumps up my energy for the day. I consider it a mini cardio exercise, which kick starts my blood flow and helps to awaken the rest of my body cells. Okay, wut?


No lie. Sometimes, I believe that having music in the background can influence your speed on getting ready – I.E. it makes you slower, I also think it sets the right mood for the day. On days when I can execute this morning routine accordingly, I just pop on one of my favorite playlists on Spotify while I’m getting ready, and I’m good to go!


To reduce the stress of deciding and looking for what to wear every morning, I usually lay out my outfit for the next day, the night before.

Also, – and this might sound a bit weird I prepare most parts of my breakfast before the next day. For instance, if I am having an oatmeal for breakfast, I measure out the quantity of oats & milk ratio and set them aside with a bowl so the next day, I just pop it into the microwave. This saves me a lot of time.


This is for one of those days when we wake up later than usual (which has almost become everyday in my case).

I “multitask” my time. So, when I wake up 15 minutes later than usual, I know I still have to get ready but now I have less time to get everything done. I make my breakfast (as described above) and while it is in the microwave, I take the quickest shower of my life.

As soon as breakfast is done, I let it cool while moisturizing my body and getting my face routine done. And while I am eating, I use that time to put on makeup or dress my hair.

I know, this is less than ideal for most people but some days are not as elegant as we would want it to be.

These are a few ways I get my self ready in the morning. Could you relate to any method? or do you have your special ways to get ready? Let me know in the comments section below!

The 5 || Things That Make Me Happy 

Happy Tuesday Lovelies!

Today, I woke up with my once in a while positive mindset and after struggling to balance my life last week, I decided to take charge and remain positive from this week.

Have you ever thought hard about the things that make YOU happy? I’m not sure I have, and that’s pretty sad to me. Our world is so busy and chaotic that we sometimes dwell in the sad things rather than what we enjoy and love!

To set things in motion and channel positive vibes this week, I decided to list out the things that make me happy at the moment.


I love taking pictures and having my pictures taken. I just realized that whenever I have a camera in my hand, I am at my happiest in that moment. The pictures almost never come out perfect, but I am an optimist and I’m never afraid to try and try till I get the right shot.


Sigh. I know you’ve heard it all, but I love fall. I am a very medium person which means I love things – especially the weather, in moderation. The summer here is too hot, and the winter is well, too cold. Fall is just the perfect season because I love all the vibes and food and drinks and the fact that I can wear sweaters to school without sweating like a cow and dying of a heat stroke at the end of the day.

Read all about the reasons why I love fall here : #The 5  || Things I love about Fall 🍃🍂


Coffee has slowly creeped back into my life as I have began school and now, I look forward to starting my day with a good cup of cappuccino or Americano. I’m sorry mum, I know I said I quit -hehe runs away.


“One thing about music is that when it hits you, you feel no pain.”- Drake.

Or someone who sang those lyrics.

Music is my go to in times of sadness and uncertainty. I have been loving a lot of playlists these days. I’m thinking I should start sharing it over on my Instagram (@theashtreegram) , follow me if you haven’t!


This past weekend, I had an amazing time with my close friends whom I didn’t see for about 3-4 months. There was so much fun and laughter and catching up and this reminded me that good friends will always lift your spirit no matter what. I had an amazing dinner and wine with them and it was a good way to relieve the stress.

It seems that there are so many things going wrong in the world, and that makes it so easy to feel down and depressed. But once you take a look at everything that you have been so blessed with, that’s when everything may start to make sense. You start to realize your worth and importance.

So I challenge you, what are the 5 things that make you happy right now? Comment below and let’s be happy together!

Love always,

Monthly Favorites || August 2017


Happy September!

August has come to an end (pretty quickly if I may say) , and we all know its time for another monthly favorites post.

READ : September Bucket list: 4 simple things to try this month! 

Without further ado let’s jump straight into it and talk you through my beauty & general lifestyle favorites.


My favorite beauty pick from this month was definitely this primer from Maybelline. I bought it about 3 months ago but I just started using it and I am loving it! It lets my foundation stay all day and my makeup doesn’t even crease.





If you follow me on Snapchat or Instagram, then you’re familiar with my obsession with Starbucks. And then they released this new Frappuccino flavor : popcorn caramel! Any chance of me keeping track of my diet just went out the window as soon as I tried it.

Heck, I loved it so much I had to get one for free 😀 – thank you, Starbucks.



Follow me on Instagram : @theashtreegram


This month, I have, as usual, been stalking a lot of Instagram accounts but the one that I always go back to is Ifeoma’s Instagram account. I love her feed and I think you would too!



img_8370This song by Snakehips has been my morning and night anthem since the first day I heard it. I wish I knew how to describe music. I would tell you how the beat, chords, rap, singing etc resonates with me. It gives me such a good vibe. Check it out : YouTube




Thankfully, I didn’t eat out a lot this past month. But the time I did, it was at a great sushi place where I gave sushi another chance.

Read all about it here : FOODLOVIN’ || THE SUSHI DATE – JAPANIKA, BUDAPEST. 




Back in June, the amazing Bootaybag underwear company sent me a nice pair of undies and I loved them. Now I have received another pair and I love these ones even better.

Read about my first review here : BootayBag : The Underwear Subscription You Don’t Want To Miss Out On 


My August faves have been a lot of mixing and matching but I still hope you found it interesting.

What have you been loving in the past month? Share it with me in the comments section!





I was listening to Alessia Cara’s “seventeen” the other day and it absolutely took me back to a time when I was seventeen years old, with so many opportunities to make different choices in life.  

In some ways, I wish I had thought more about the choices I made. Sometimes I forgot to take charge and seize the day, and other times I became mildly complacent.

I started to look back on my youth, especially during my teenage years at what I may or may not have done that lead me to the person I am now. Not just mentally, but physically.

Hopefully with this post, I can influence someone in their teens or young age, that might just need a touch of advice.



French was the other language I studied in high school. But as soon as I had the chance to drop the subject, I did so without looking back. And now, I wish I could go back to those years and perfect my French. Guaranteed, I maybe didn’t have the best teacher, but I could have at least tried to graduate high school bilingual. Now, I really want to learn a new language and while Hungarian is the other language I fairly know, it would be awesome to be able to listen in on a French or Spanish or German conversation and piece up a sentence for my reply.


Ever since I was a young girl, I always wanted to be a doctor. But I knew I had other talents. I was great at writing, art and even music. I was artsy if I may say. But I was led to believe that being a doctor required dropping every other form of art/talent you had because it would make you look unserious. I pursued a medical career for so long, I became drained and almost didn’t love it anymore. I just wish I had branched out and explored my talents when I was younger. Maybe I could have been a better piano player, a better craft doer or even a far more better writer than I am now.


  • I wish I’d BEEN MORE OPEN 

I really don’t know what it was, but as a kid I believed in not letting anyone know you, no matter what. I spent my high school years letting people only know the superficial part of me. I just believed that no one had my back and people were always out to get me- aka no one had my best interest at heart. While this kept me away from A LOT of scandal and issues, I just wish I’d opened up more to some of my friends. Maybe I could have gotten a better insight to life and learnt to love differently, or something.



Thanks to my high school diary, which I never thought I would ever find in this life, again, I realized I was quite the sporty one. I played football, I ran track (100m) and also did a little shot put & high jump.

But as with dancing, I gradually stopped playing a lot of sports when I got to my final years of high school. This was mostly because I thought playing sports made me boyish (seriously, what the heck?) , and I was trying to be a girl so I could attract more boys. Now, I look back and just laugh, because that wasn’t the best move.


  • I wish I’d KEPT ON READING

I used to be an avid reader. Right from childhood I was trained to read a lot and even began to build my own library. I read a whole lot of books, from fictional to romance to thriller, documentaries and even the English dictionary! But as I grew older, and especially when I started medical school, I just couldn’t get through a book. I would often put it down after a few lines and proceed to read something online or in a magazine. And now my knowledge of literature and writing is all down the drain. img_8008

  • I wish I’d DATED THAT GUY! 

Well, well, well. My fellow Nigerian girls can understand the next sentence I’m about to write.

“If a boy touches you, or hugs you, you’ll become pregnant”. 

This was the lovely advice I was given, on the way to my first year of high school ( which was a boarding school) and it stuck with me for a long while.

While obviously I couldn’t get pregnant from literally touching boys, I was so aftaid of even talking to guys in that sense. So of course, when that guy asked me out -even though it was all teenage love and all that- I said ‘no’. But sometimes, I wish I’d said yes, just so I could experience what that would have felt like. It’s not a big regret anyway, it’s just something I think I would have had a story to write about. Haha



Ah, the perks of being a first born child. All the worlds’ most beautiful pressures rested ever so comfortably on my shoulders. I don’t know why, but everything I did as a teenager was so calculated and well thought through. I made sure not to make mistakes, always striving for perfection and this in my opinion didn’t let me enjoy my teenage years as much as I would have liked to. I wish I’d just embraced every moment of life, and had as much fun as I could have. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I did have a little bit of fun, -and those are memories I will never ever forget- I just wish I didn’t stay home so often, not traveling, not doing anything.


I don’t really regret a thing, because I could not be happier with the life I currently live. But, I can’t help but imagine the things I wish I had done more of, or less, in my teenage years. If you are in your teens, here’s some little advice : Look after your teeth, your skin, your body. Don’t be timid, speak up for yourself at all times and spend times with the people that matter. 

If you are older, What do you wish you did as a teenager? 


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Story Time || My First Tinder Date Wasn’t So Bad!

Tinder is the one place I never thought I could openly say I joined. Mostly because, as we all know & most probably have presumed, tinder is where you go to hook up with random people, its for the lonely & sad people and most of all, you can never build a great relationship from this site.

Well I wasn’t about to jump into those conclusions without trying it out myself.

As a single lady who just moved into a new city, I thought, why the heck not? I signed up, selected my good enough pictures and got to swiping.

My thoughts while swiping were : As long as they don’t look like a serial killer, its all good.

I had a few matches within the first few minutes, and after about an hour, I set up my first date.  Boy was I nervous. I started thinking of all the possibilities where this could go wrong and I can say I had a mini heart attack.

Remember in this post? How I take at least an hour to get ready? – well I took two.

I even thought of cancelling, but the non-quitter in me pushed me further. Great thing was that we were meeting for drinks so I didn’t have to worry about losing an appetite.

We met at a great wine bar and immediately got to talking. I thought to myself, wow this isn’t so bad ; why was I panicking so much?

We talked a lot about his culture (he is from Hungary, by the way) and I got to discover new information about Hungary and even Budapest trip hacks and all of that.

After a few hours – I could say that the date  lasted about 4 hours -, I was exhausted and had to head home. He paid for the drinks and I was dreading the age long question I read that most guys from tinder would ask : “Would you love to head back to my place?”


I tell y’all, I was pleasantly surprised. Not only was he a gentle man, he was friendly, we had a proper conversation and a generally good night.

So this is me saying to you that you should not knock anything till you try. I’m not saying you won’t have bad experiences though, but you’ll never know if you don’t take the risk.

Have you been on a tinder date? How was your first experience?

August || Quotes To Live By This Month 

Hi lovelies and welcome to the lovely month of August!

Now, it’s already the 3rd day and I just have one question : WHERE DID ALL THE HEAT COME FROM?! 

It’s currently 38°C in Budapest and I don’t even know how to deal with it. I just wanna lay in bed, under the air conditioner all day.

Before I divert too much, I want to share a few quotes I want us to live by in the month of August (because, who doesn’t love quotes?)

I am a big lover of quotes and I want to share my top 10 favorite quote images from Pinterest 💓






Have a lovely August filled with self care and love, don’t forget you are awesome!

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What are your favorite quotes?


img_6526-2Hi lovelies!

July has slowly come to an end and this has been one of my favorite months so far, mainly because I went on a huge summer haul and bought a lot of clothes, makeup and skin care products.

I thought I should share my favorite beauty finds and more from this month.

Lets get right into it!


My first beauty favorite is this face mask by Garnier. I feel like my skin has suffered a lot this month so I decided to go all out and buy different types for those pampering nights.

I have tried the repair mask with honey and I love it! I can’t wait to try the others.


The second part of beauty faves are makeup products that I have had for a while but just started using. I love the concealer & lip gloss from House Of Tara  and I will be putting up a full review soon!


The fixing spray and mascara from essence are my newly bought faves this month. Especially the mascara, it gives me this amazing dramatic lashes and I don’t even have to wear falsies. How cool is that? I can’t say much about the fixing spray yet because I have used it just once, it did work well so far.


This month, I didn’t really wear a lot of denim (obviously because its summer and its HOT AF ) but I got a new pair of jeans from Bershka and I can’t wear to wear it! I tried it on and I loved the fit.

I am particularly in love with the sneakers from Bershka as well. Maybe I should do a look book or outfit post on these beautiful items, yes?



My best YouTube channel discovery this month was Dimma Umeh aka ThatIgboChick. Guys, I still don’t know how I didn’t know about her all this while. So glad I stumbled upon her channel. You can check her out HERE



I stumbled yet again on this Instagram account and I love how aesthetically pleasing it is. I really hope to pull off something like this but until then, phoebesoup has my heart eyes.

This month has been fantastic. I learned a lot, got my blogging game up (yay me!) but most importantly, I love how I spent it doing absolutely nothing off my to do list, haha!
Seriously, I hope I complete that list in August!

What were some of your favorite things from the month of July? Let me Know in the comment box!


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Lifestyle || 5 Life Hacks According To Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad is one of my favorite people and one of my biggest inspirations. So its no surprise that I have to tap a little knowledge from her and share these tips from her awesome blog

Here are 5 interesting life hacks according to Lauren:

1. Dry skin or dark spots? Rub on a little lemon juice

I recently read that little lemon juice helps brighten dark spots on skin and acne scars on skin, so I’ve been giving it a try. So far, so good! According to Livestrong, it’s a safe and effective way to clear up any discolorations on the skin—plus, it’s way more affordable than expensive creams and serums. And, if you have dry elbows or knees, you can also use lemon juice to slough off dry skin and exfoliate dead skin cells. Rub some lemon juice on those areas and leave for a few minutes, then rinse off and hydrate with a natural moisturizer like coconut oil.

2. Coming down with a fever? Slip on cold wet socks.

Coming down with a fever isn’t fun. And most people’s first reaction is to think “How do I get rid of this fever ASAP?” The hard truth is that a fever is your body’s way of warming itself up to fight off whatever bug you’ve caught. So, a fever should really run its course naturally (unless it gets to dangerously high temps, in which case you should call your doctor immediately).

To help break a common cold fever, simply slip on a pair of cold wet socks while resting. The cold socks will make the blood vessels in your feet constrict as your feet cool down, which sends good nutrients into your organs and tissues. These nutrients will help your body fight off infections and stimulate healing, according to Mind Body Green.

3. Got a cold sore? Soothe with a water-soaked Earl Grey tea bag.

Cold sores are no fun, and can be very painful and annoying. If you feel one coming on and are in search for immediate relief within your own home, a simple Earl Gray tea bag can help, according to Black and chamomile tea bags can take down the inflammation as well, but according to, the bergamot in Earl Gray tea has extra healing properties. Soak the tea bag in water (either warm or cold works) and place onto the cold sore for about five minutes to help it soothe and heal.

4. Feeling motion sickness? Chew peppermint gum or sip on peppermint tea.

If you’re traveling by car, plane or boat any time in the near future, it’s a good idea to have peppermint gum or mints on hand. Besides the obvious reason that it freshens breath, peppermint can also ease motion sickness and calm your stomach. According to Top 10 Home Remedies, peppermint essential oil works even better than gum or mints (rub a little bit on the underside of your wrists). The menthol in peppermint will calm your stomach and ease nausea if you’re feeling a little queasy.

5.Want whiter teeth? Eat an apple.

Have you ever had that super-clean-teeth feeling after eating a juicy granny smith apple? If so, it’s not all in your head. Apples really can give your mouth a gentle clean due to their mildly acidic nature and high fiber in the fruit. According to Jeff Golub-Evans, DDS, apples are the ideal food for cleansing and brightening teeth. Eat an apple between meals to help freshen your breath, eliminate plaque and whiten your teeth.

    Pretty interesting stuff, right?

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You’re either the exception or the rule.” 

Dear guys, hello to you all!

This post is for you lot that visit my site but can never really find any content that relates to you in particular.

Now, I got this suggestion from a male friend to put this up because sometimes it’s not really straightforward with us girls. Especially if you have been chasing a girl for a long time and still haven’t gone round to getting her. You keep wondering what the problem could be.

Here’s 5 ways you can definitely tell that she’s just not into you :


Have you ever seen a girl in love, or one who has a crush on some guy? It’s like, everything about the guy becomes her number one priority. She will call you 24/7, text you about everything she does and even updates you on information you probably don’t need to know about. So if she doesn’t do that at any point, she’s probably not into you like that.


Now I know that when a girl likes a guy, she will constantly hug him, touch his arm or even play with his hair. If she always stays at a distance when talking to you, gives you a handshake at most or even quick, side hugs, then, she’s probably not that into you. Plus, if you’re talking to her and she isn’t making eye contact, she just keeps looking away, then she’s either too shy or disinterested. I’d pick disinterested because I believe eye contact is very important in making conversations no matter how shy you are.


Haha, “you can never catch her alone”. Seems like she’s a fish you’re trying to catch but she keeps mocking you like Lenny in “shark tale” in the beginning of the movie.

Okay, I’m diverting. But the point is, if a girl likes you, she will want to spend alone time with you, get to know you better and all of that. So you can imagine if you ask her out on a date and she keeps bringing a friend, or two. My brother, she probably doesn’t like you like that.


If she keeps stressing how much good friends you are, and how she loves a friend like you, chances are that she’s probably not looking to date you. This doesn’t mean that she doesn’t like you as a person though, it’s just that you are that the platonic force in her life, which isn’t so bad if you ask me. I don’t know why guys hate the friend zone so much.


If she keeps flaking on movie dates and plans on spending a holiday together for instance, it could mean she’s not ready for that type of commitment with you. As a friend you can hang out casually but when you make exclusive plans for both of you and you catch her changing the subject or isn’t really as excited, that could mean she isn’t looking to date you.Of course, there could be genuine reasons why she may not want to do these things. For instance, she might not be financially capable of the holiday plans yet. So don’t be quick to conclude on this.

So guys, these are the signs I think you should look out for, if you’re trying to court a lady and you’re a bit confused about where you stand.

Notwithstanding though, a girl could show these signs and still be into you, you know we can be confused at times haha

Let love lead





I saw this tweet two weeks ago and it made me laugh, hard. I have to agree, the month of May is so academically demanding.

Finals are upon us and its getting really tough out here, and if you are like me who didn’t really pay attention during the semester, well done! Lets form a support group and cry together.

If you aren’t under any pressure to take finals, then you are lucky. But, in life, every activity always has a stressful part to play. In the end though, stress can actually be a good thing. It pushes you, helps you react and is a sign of working hard. That being said, if it isn’t dealt with well, problems can occur.

Essentially, you have to learn how to make stress your friend. Here’s how:


The first step to recovery is……lemme hear you say it!

That’s right, acceptance! Remember when I said it in a totally unrelated post here?

Most times we like to believe we can handle everything, with no troubles at all. However true we all want that to be, stress will always come in. Now what you do is accept that you are stressed and once you do that, you’ll feel a great sense of release. Plus whgen you say it out loud, you can make the people around you understand why you have been acting so agitated.


Too much stress can make you go crazy. Literally. Setting unrealistic goals for your deadline or even examination preparations can add on unnecessary pressure which leads to being over stressed. You should take time out to relax and set more realistic expectations for yourself in order not to crack.  Also remember that slow and steady will get you much further. Take your time and don’t try to tackle too much at once.


Resting is the one way to take away the stress. Once in a while, we have to learn to drop everything and just rest. While resting you can do one of your favorite activities, like reading a book, watching a favorite tv show, etc. Meditation is one of the most effective ways to take a break and see your stress from a different perspective too. Doing this helps to maintain focus while improving both mental and physical health to reduce exam or work stress.


It may seem like there’s nothing you can do about stress. The bills won’t stop coming, there will never be more hours in the day to study, and your work and family responsibilities will always be demanding. But you have a lot more control than you might think. Think positive and you”ll realize great changes.

So that’s it my loves, simple ways to deal with stress. I have been stressed out lately,  but I have used these tips and they worked, so I hope at least one works for you too.


SPRING DETOX – 3 Simple Ways To De Clutter & Refresh Your Routine


Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!’

            – Robin Williams

Happy Earth Day everyone!!

Spring is upon us, it’s a beautiful and fun time of the year and also the best time to switch up our routine in many ways.

Today I am sharing with you guys,  the ways to change up your life in preparation for the warmer days ahead.


Spring time cleaning is not new to us. It is a good time to open up the windows, finally letting in some sunshine and also a time to clear out your closet, getting rid of clothes you don’t wear anymore and bringing out the bright colors of spring. My favorite tip for clearing out my wardrobe is: if I haven’t worn it in one year, I don’t need it. Some major clean up to think about is also digital cleaning, getting rid of apps and freeing memory on your phone can help to give you that feeling of starting afresh. Also remember to open up your windows at least 15 minutes a day and watch the wonders it would do to your mood.

#2 Change Up Your Diet


With the weather getting warmer, our bodies are getting ready to use up more energy and work better. This means we have to eat healthier and lighter foods than the hearty ones we indulge ourselves in, during the winter time. Switching up from heavy comfort foods to a salad, WATER and eating more fruit, especially the ones that are in season- they are all so delicious so who wouldn’t want to eat them anyway- are big changes we can help ourselves with.

Now, I start every morning with a green smoothie and a cup of warm water with lemon or 2 teaspoons apple cider vinegar!

#3 Change up your beauty routine


Spring time is a great time to cut down on all the heavily loaded foundation, especially to let our skin breathe. The skin really improves with the warmth and fresh oxygen so it would be a great time to take a break from a lot of make up products on our faces.

I personally don’t like the feeling of wearing a full face foundation when it’s warm outside and especially if you sweat, it can be an uncomfortable situation.

During the spring, for my everyday makeup, I usually switch up from a full coverage foundation to a lighter foundation or a cc cream, a mascara, eyeliner and lipstick. And with that, I’m good to go!

Sadly, it’s still a bit chilly here in Budapest, I think we got too over excited, or complained too much about the sudden excessive heat, so Mother Nature decided to send down some snow to put us back in our places.We’re sorry Mother Nature, please bring back the sunshine.

With the season getting warmer, I’m always excited to switch up my routine. Do you have other ways you prepare for the seasons change?