25 So Fine : My Birthday Wishlist

You know what the hardest question to ask me is?

“What do you want for your birthday?”

I’m the kind of person that has eyes on a lot of things I want and always has great ideas to gift my friends on their special occasions but, never ready to organize anything for myself.

Besides money and someone probably paying all my bills for a long time(greedy much?), there’s a few things I am eyeing, which makes me create these lists, just incase I am at a loss once again or basically for anyone that wants to gift me, or shoot- things I may just buy for my darn self when I get around to not procrastinating anymore.


Anyway, here’s a small list of things added to my wishlist :

1. Candles from Jo Malone.

Image result for jo malone candles

There’s nothing I love more than candles. Scented candles in particular. I’m obsessed with floral, feminine scents and Jo Malone is absolutely one of my favorite brands by far. Thanks to Instagram discoveries, I visited their shop in Budapest and got to try out their scents and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it!

It’s definitely on the top of my list.

2. A Camera bag.

Image result for nikon camera bag

It’s been almost a year since I purchased my DSLR camera and while I finally got a tripod which was gifted to me off last year’s list (see? these things actually work!), I actually need to get myself a camera bag as I am into a lot of photography now and having the camera outdoors has it’s negatives like scratching the camera body, dropping it mistakenly, etc.

3. Bluetooth Speakers

Image result for anker speakers

I have been using my current speakers for up to 4 years now and while good ole speakers are still doing their job, I need a new one. I recently saw one with a friend which was very sleek, light and aesthetically pleasing. It’s moderately cheap on Amazon- Anker. The sound was amazing and it got me thinking, it’s worth the price.

4. A pair of denim/ leather jacket :

Image result for LEATHER jacket asos

With spring coming into full force, a leather or denim jacket is a must have in my wardrobe. While I own a few pairs, a classic leather and denim pair are still missing and that’s exactly what I think I need.

5. Good Ole Pyjama Set :  

Image result for PYJAMAS asos

I don’t know if anyone still wears pyjamas at this point (thanks to laziness and comfort of sleeping in just our underwear). But a good set of pyjamas never goes wrong, especially for those sleepover nights with my girls and days I want to look cute while sleeping.

7. A pair of comfortable sneakers….


….that are also stylish. For fashion, not just for the gym. Nike or Adidas? A classic Vans trainers? Then again, I’m also a big fan of New Balance sneakers range. My fave so far is the 574 suede trainers in black. Now, unfortunately, I am a bit confused on a sneaker choice, so I need suggestions in the comment section, please!

8. A personalized necklace….

….. to wear a whole year round because duh, everything is about me! Just kidding. I just like the idea of a personalized necklace with dainty writings which I think looks good as an everyday accessory.


Another recent obsession is marble. I may be late to the party as these phone cases have been everywhere, even almost overused by everyone. Still, a marble phone case just sits right on this list among the things I would love to add to my phone case collection.

10. A Marble Top For Flatlays

Ah, the amazing flat lay prop. If you’re a blogger, there’s a good chance you’ve taken a flat lay photo. White backgrounds have been the most popular choice for a while now, but it looks like white marble is making its way to the top! (Again, late to the party?)

And there we have it guys. Birthdays are one of my favorite events so I am quite excited. I will be half a century old by 27th April. It’s almost too good to be true.

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“It seems to me we can never give up longing and wishing while we are still alive. There are certain things we feel to be beautiful and good, and we must hunger for them.”

― George Eliot

Thanksgiving : A Pretty Long List Of All The Things I’m Thankful For In Life

Thanksgiving day is this week and while I can’t say I have had the best November, it’s always imperative to stay positive and remain grateful through anything and everything.

Without further chit chat, here are all of the things I’m thankful for, this year!

Read last years’ post here : The things I’m thankful for, right now

I AM :

  • Thankful for birthdays and new beginnings.
  • Thankful for scars and the stories that come with them.
  • Thankful for the changing seasons, which reminds me that truly, nothing is permanent.
  • Thankful for death and lessons that we only live once, and life can end in an instant- sometimes you don’t even get the chance to prepare for your end.
  • Thankful for all the failures, they make us appreciate our accomplishments.
  • Thankful for time and its ability to slowly heal all wounds.
  • Thankful for hands that work, create and recreate.
  • Thankful for a sound mind that always finds a way to stay calm amidst all the pressure.
  • Thankful for great friends that are always ready to chat and have some wine, but still know when to leave you alone.
  • Thankful for people who show you that you really CANNOT trust everyone.
  • Thankful for sunsets, because it shows us that even endings can be beautiful.
  • Thankful for chances. Chances to turn our life around, once we get them.
  • Thankful for God, and his unending love and favor.
  • Thankful for the best parents and siblings ever.
  • Thankful for a sweet and amazing future husband who makes me feel warm, inside and out, everyday.
  • Thankful for the occasional poverty life hits me with, it reminds me to stay humble.
  • Thankful for the spirit of contentment.
  • Thankful for protection. God’s protection.
  • Thankful for school, and the occasional stress, it reminds me that I have a role to play in life now, and someday in the near future.
  • Thankful for Netflix, for times when I want to drown myself with movies and entertainment.
  • Thankful for Spotify, for keeping me company and producing amazing playlists!
  • Thankful for beautiful artistes that are always sharing their work.
  • Thankful for fellow blogger friends and support groups that keep you motivated in this blogging world.
  • Thankful for amazing readers and people who always leave thoughtful comments behind. ❤️

What are you thankful for? Let’s have a chat in the comments section


15 Reasons Why My Mum Is The Best! 

This post is dedicated to my sweet sweet mama 💓
We all know that Mums deserve more thanks and recognition than you could ever fit into one day. Lots more.



There must be a million reasons to say “I love you, Mum,” and on this special day, which is her birthday, I have to share 15 reasons why I just cannot get over how amazing my mother is.


  1. I simply wouldn’t be here without her.
  2. She knew when I needed to be alone with loud music in my ear, and she always let me have that time.
  3. Without her, I would probably be living like a total pig.

  4. She taught me how to cook the most delicious meals out there.


  6. If she ran the world, no one would even try to be mean to me. Ever.

  7. There are still things I’ve done that she hasn’t told Dad. Thank God!

  8. She didn’t abandon me during my weirdly long and super annoying awkward phase in life.

  9. A lot of times, she knows exactly when to call me and just hearing her voice makes everything better.

  10. She always gives me my favorite food!

  11. She taught me good manners and they always come in handy.

  12. She reminds me of times I’ve done greater things and triumphed, whenever I’m feeling down.

  13. Just by the sound of my voice (even when I try my hardest to mask it) , she always knows when something is wrong.

  14. She taught me to put family first and love my siblings no matter what.

  15. She showed me sacrifice. You sacrifice for the people you love. That’s love.

Dear mum,

I love you so much and each day I thank God for choosing you for me.

Guaranteed, we fight most times and I act like I don’t need you, the fact is that I do. Each and everyday I need you.

Happy birthday sweet mama, you’re the absolute best 💓💓 ​


Ashley ❤️

BIRTHDAY GRATITUDE – 24 Years In The Making! 

If you know me very well, you’ll know I’m super obsessed with my birthday! There’s just this awesome magic that comes with adding a year to my life. Its like, suddenly, all the problems of my previous years are gone, once it’s my birthday.

This birthday, which was on the 27th April, was a very special one for me because, not only have I terribly grown out of a lot of habits, I have also learned to consider something more and more important everyday : Gratitude.

As I wake up each day from this new year, I have challenged myself to experience the power of real gratitude and the benefits that come with it.

And with that said I’m just going to talk about the 3 simple things I’m incredibly grateful for, right now.

1. I am grateful for a mother who wished me a happy birthday starting two days before my birthday. For her kind and true words of advice for the new year coming. I’m grateful for a Father who has been a constant support, the most loving man I have ever met and the greatest teacher of all. I’m grateful for amazing parents who, from a distance, can make you feel like the kilometers are just numbers.


2. For friends who, despite the distance and life events, still stuck close. And made my birthday weekend an amazing one!

3. For life lessons. Because, experience is the best teacher, right?


I’m also trying to do this thing where I’ll try as much as possible to keep my blog posts short and simple. Hence, my condensed words, haha!

To everyone who made this birthday special in one way or the other, thank you! I have come to realize that I have a big support system and I’m grateful to each and everyone who has also been a big support to The Ash Tree Journal and her Mama- me!






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Thanksgiving || THE 5 things I’m thankful for right now.

Hello my lovely readers!



Happy happy thanksgiving!!

To be quite frank I haven’t really celebrated thanksgiving before, ( Seeing as I don’t live in the U.S or Canada) but lately I’ve been bursting with so many emotions and feels. Mostly I’m grateful for a lot of things right now… and  so I decided to share the little things I usually overlook but are worth giving thanks for …it’s not an easy thing to be alive, trust me. But God kept us this long. So,

I’m thankful for…


Honestly, after I posted #The 5  || Things I love about Fall 🍃🍂 , I began to feel really ill and after sometime, I was down with the flu…and this was the longest, most aggravating illness yet. I began regretting and asking myself why I even thought I loved fall. Ugh! Anyway, despite being ill, I was still able to get up everyday and get through the day (slowly). And this is why I’m thankful. Good health is usually something we take for granted..it isn’t until we fall sick we begin to cherish moments when we were up and about… Some may feel as if it’s not worth it anymore, but I believe we have better chances to do something about our situations that those who are already dead. So start living!


Every family has it’s ups and downs but in the end we still have each other. I’m really grateful I have people who I can always turn to, no matter the distance or amount of time since we’ve spoken…they’ll always be there to help me with kind words, motivation and all the love that I need to push further.


I’m thankful for being in school. Yes, school sucks and it’s really stressful, but I’m happy I’m here…there are a lot of people looking for the opportunity to be in school and be able to learn and do new things, but circumstances won’t let them. So I’m grateful I can learn not just academic stuff, but also I have learnt to build myself and grow into a better person.


You can’t imagine how grateful I am for every single person that has visited this blog, even if you just browsed through, or you actually read some posts and even commented, you all are amazing! I know I haven’t also kept up with my regular schedule and yet, you are all so patient with me. THANK YOU!!!!


I can definitely beat my chest and say that I’ve grown quite a lot from where I was a year ago, and I’m thankful for that 🙂