Story Time || My Most Embarrassing Period Moment (x Bloggers Collaboration) 

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Today, I will be doing something different, it’s been a while since I told a story on here and I’m excited to be teaming up with Danie of and Salmah of to bring you this story.

Like many other females out there, we have had quite embarrassing moments during our periods and some of us might even be too embarrassed to recount this experience, but I’m here to tell you that we’ve all been there!

Well in this my moderately long years on earth, I can say I’ve had quite a few embarrassing moments eh, some that I could never recover from and others I just brush them off as part of life.

One of my most embarrassing moments has to be when I first started my period. I was still a little girl per say and I was not even in touch with my body. First of all I didn’t even know what periods were and how it happened (cons of not having older ones around you). I remember I was supposed to head back to school after the mid term break we had in high school and I was feeling so much pain in my “tummy”. I thought to myself that it was probably something I ate, but then the location of pain was so weird, I kept wondering what it was. I then thought I had appendicitis because it was in the lower quadrant of my body (I was so obsessed with medicine that time and always loved to diagnose myself at any given opportunity ).

I had to tell my mother about the pain after it became unbearable and as the wise woman that she is, she asked me where it hurt and I showed it to her.

She whispered to her self, asking “could it be her period?” Because I was so young! No one gets their period at this age. She asked if I noticed anything when I went to pee and I said no. She then told me that I could be getting my period. I wondered what that was, she explained that I would start bleeding every month and so on, she told me everything I needed to know.

So now, I was there waiting for my period to come, all excited and everything.It never did.

At least not until I went back to school.

I woke up that fateful morning feeling uneasy but then, since the period didn’t come when I expected it, I already gave up on waiting.

It was during my afternoon prep(when everyone goes to class to read after siesta) it happened. IT HAPPENED!!!

We had just finished the hour for prep and were supposed to head back to the hostel for laundry or sports. I stood up casually to head back when I heard a loud gasp from a classmate. He asked out loud,  “Ashley you peed on yourself ?!” I was surprised because I didn’t even feel pressed, I turned around to look and what did I see? a big map of red wetness on my daywear! Oh, the horror! I didn’t even know what to do! I ran to the bathroom and went to check properly, lo and behold…the long awaited red robot arrived. and it arrived in style -heavy, painful and in public.

The daywear we wore didn’t even help matters, it was pink and white checkered and showed all the blood there and I had to walk with that embarrassment till I got to the hostel. Ugh! I’m cringing now as I think about it.

Thankfully, I had nice seniors and one of them helped me get to the hostel and even gave me a full pack of pads and showed me how to use it. Thanks, Valerie!

I got myself to change clothes and panties and I realized this is a new lifestyle I had to get used to…the situation quickly turned from embarrassing to exciting. And as you can imagine, I was super careful about my periods after that…in fact I can say I’m a bit of a control freak about it now,always calculating and preparing for the worst that could happen when it comes to that time of the month.

So that’s it you guys, one of  my many embarrassing moments.

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Did you think it was so embarrassing?  Have you had embarrassing period moments also? share them with me in the comments section, I would love to know that I’m not the only one in this situation.