My Travel Photo Diary : Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Today, I wanna share pictures of my trip to the Balkans, which was a much needed trip by the way. I had been craving to leave Budapest for a weekend trip for so long, I just had to take this trip when I saw the chance. It was group organized, so it made it easier to plan. All I literally had to do, was pay the money and show up!

The Balkans is a region in Europe with different borders which stretches from Serbia-Bulgaria.

My first stop was Mostar, a small town in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


This was an adventurous and super, super, VERY long bus trip.

We departed Budapest at 8pm and drove for some hours to Szeged and arrived at 11pm, where we had to pick up the rest of the travelers.

We continued the journey at midnight finally, and while I slept through most parts, I woke up when we arrived Croatia at border control.

After about 40 minutes of checking, we embarked on the second part of the journey and I slept off again.

When we arrived Bosnia & Herzegovina, we had another customs check and headed on our way.

Mostar seemed really, really far as I was still on the road at 11:35am. That means that we were on the road for more than 15hours!

I loved the view once the sun came up though, it’s so amazing to watch how nature changes and transitions so beautifully.

After we arrived, about 20 hours later, we were grouped to hostels. I and my friends got to stay in a beautiful apartment which was perfect with a private kitchen, bathroom and living room.

The most beautiful sceneries:


Here are more pictures from my journey and tour of Mostar!

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Mostar was a beautiful and picturesque city and when I got to know the history and culture of the place, I appreciated it more.  And I feel like I didn’t do justice to the history telling. Check out deets on wikitravel here

The only downside was that I didn’t get to visit the local restaurants, not after the bad pasta I had earlier on. I just ate sandwiches and kept it moving.

I hope you love the pictures! Have you visited the Balkans before? What are your favorite places to visit?

15 Reasons Why My Mum Is The Best! 

This post is dedicated to my sweet sweet mama 💓
We all know that Mums deserve more thanks and recognition than you could ever fit into one day. Lots more.

There must be a million reasons to say “I love you, Mum,” and on this special day, which is her birthday, I have to share 15 reasons why I just cannot get over how amazing my mother is.


  1. I simply wouldn’t be here without her.
  2. She knew when I needed to be alone with loud music in my ear, and she always let me have that time.
  3. Without her, I would probably be living like a total pig.

  4. She taught me how to cook the most delicious meals out there.


  6. If she ran the world, no one would even try to be mean to me. Ever.

  7. There are still things I’ve done that she hasn’t told Dad. Thank God!

  8. She didn’t abandon me during my weirdly long and super annoying awkward phase in life.

  9. A lot of times, she knows exactly when to call me and just hearing her voice makes everything better.

  10. She always gives me my favorite food!

  11. She taught me good manners and they always come in handy.

  12. She reminds me of times I’ve done greater things and triumphed, whenever I’m feeling down.

  13. Just by the sound of my voice (even when I try my hardest to mask it) , she always knows when something is wrong.

  14. She taught me to put family first and love my siblings no matter what.

  15. She showed me sacrifice. You sacrifice for the people you love. That’s love.

Dear mum,

I love you so much and each day I thank God for choosing you for me.

Guaranteed, we fight most times and I act like I don’t need you, the fact is that I do. Each and everyday I need you.

Happy birthday sweet mama, you’re the absolute best 💓💓 ​


Ashley ❤️

Father’s day special : To a true father ..

To the worlds best dad,

It’s truly a blessing to have you as my father. Lord knows every day I count my blessings, I count you as number 1. You have been extremely supportive, loving, kind towards me and everything you’ve done has shaped me into the woman I am today .From the day I was born, you’ve taught me right from wrong. Guaranteed, mum was always there to guide me too. But you, your influence in my life is so great.You took your job of ‘father’ seriously, and that included making your children laugh as often as possible.( I have saved all your jokes and moonlight stories to tell my children, by the way).

I remember all the times you had to be both a mum and a dad to all of us, I know it wasn’t the easiest because of your job, but I enjoyed all our moments of going out to watch movies, staying out late-driving round and giving personal tours, having our small lunch and dinner dates…and letting me binge eat pringles at home- as long as I don’t tell mum. Those were the days! 😀

You’ve shown me how to be hardworking and persistent in whatever I do, you encourage me to always believe in my dreams. Even when I give up, you scold me with love and still lead me back to the right path.You have been a great role model. I look up to you and think of you when I need to make a tough decision. Thank you for teaching me how to be wise.Thank you for acting like a kid when I was a kid, acting like a friend when I needed a friend and acting like a parent when I needed one. You have played many roles for me.

Of course, how can I forget?, one of the the scariest times in my childhood was when mum would say, “Wait until your father hears this/comes home.” My God, the few hours of worry were definitely worse than your punishment-which was usually just me kneeling on the carpet for 10 minutes(best punishment till date-lol)

Dad, you have been a provider for me all of my life. Thank you for giving me everything I needed and a lot more.You given me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, you believed in me.

You have been a great hero in my life,the greatest strength. Today, because of you I’m blessed in so many ways. From the bottom of my heart I want to say Thank You Dad for Everything. I know I don’t say it often enough, but I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH.You are the greatest dad in the whole world. I wouldn’t be where I’m today had it not been for you showing me that I can do anything I want as long as I put God first. Thanks for all you have done for me.
I love you.Happy Father’s Day, Dad. img_9770

Adiaha Daddy. x