I just wanna say Merry Christmas to you all, my lovely readers.

Thank you so much for the love shown on my Blogmas posts too. The feedback was so awesome, you guys!!!

Don’t forget that Christmas is a time of sharing and spreading love. Most times, the most precious gift you can give anyone is spending time with them.

I hope you all have amazing holiday moments with the ones you love the most. May your Christmas be decorated with cheer and filled with love. Have a wonderful holiday!



BLOGMAS #1 || welcome to BLOGMAS + schedule 


What is Blogmas?

BLOGMAS? Well it’s when bloggers post Christmas themed posts on their blogs everyday until Christmas. This is just some days of amazingness and a huge amount of holiday spirit on the blog!

It is my first BLOGMAS ever and I’m super excited to do it. But I have decided to tweak mine a bit (probably because I’m already late to the party and I’m a lazy cow) to having a post every three days up until Christmas! So yes, the Ash Tree blog is going to be bursting with christmassy posts this month. Whoop whoop!! 💃

I plan to have a few of my favorite bloggers on here too 😉  ’tis the season to be jolly!!

So without further ado, here’s a list of posts that’ll be featured on The Ash Tree 😉

#1 BLOGMAS | Welcome to BLOGMAS + schedule

#2 BLOGMAS | Christmas playlist 

#3 BLOGMAS | Gift Ideas For Broke Friends 

 #4 BLOGMAS | Christmas movies

#5 BLOGMAS | The Christmas tag (featuring someone special 😉 ) 


So that’s it guys. I’m really really hoping I can come through with this because this is an awfully busy time for me and scheduling these posts may be a bit tasking but I gotta do it!

Wish me luck 😉

Love & Light,

Ash. x

Lifestyle || 3 Nigerian shows I have been binge watching 

Hey guys!


Happy December too, tis the season to be jolly…fra la la la la la la la la !!

Lol okay, lets be serious.

Lately I have been on the Nollywood scene, watching show after show and I have really found them interesting. Some were recommended and others, I just stumbled upon. Here are the 3 shows I’ve loved watching and are definitely worth watching.


Related image

I  discovered this show last year and I have watched every season almost 5 times. I kid you not! This show is produced by ndanitv on YouTube and I find it as one of the most interesting and funny web shows out there. It features a big girl, Tiwa, who (as I can certainly relate to) strives to get fit and also find love, and does this amidst jabs from her family members and other struggles.

Watch the first episode HERE  🙂



Image result for rumor has it nigeria

This is another show produced by ndanitv  on YouTube, its about a celebrity Vlogger, Obi who’s known as the queen of internet gossip (hmm, could this be Lind…?? …never mind ) who’s made a lot of money from spreading rumors about celebrities, she also finds out that her husband isn’t all he seems to be..but let me not spoil it for you.

Watch the first episode HERE  🙂 





This is a series on iroko tv…which centers around 5 married men and their different relationships and encounters with their wives. btw my best couple is Livinus & Isioma. Livi is just so funny and his sense of romance is just so endearing and sweet. See why I said Igbo guys are so sweet? 😀 

However you have to pay to watch it on iroko tv, but cause I’m so kind, if you need a password just message me on my MY INSTAGRAM and I’ll give it to you 😉

So those are the three series I have currently watched.. I’m sure there’s so much more I have to explore, and I’ll give an updated post, if possible… recommendations needed too, If you know of a good series I have to watch!

Have you watched any of these series? What were your favorites? Comment belowww!!!

Love & Light,